Remove Bloatware From Huawei

Pre-installed tools in your Huawei phone are nothing but promotional apps of the company. These tools are also referred to as bloatware. They take up space and data on your phone. Bloatware is also known to consume battery and affect the performance of your smartphone while running in the background. But, they cannot be uninstalled from your device as you would uninstall a normal app. However, there are other ways to remove bloatware from Huawei phones. ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a command that gives users access to Android devices. You can use this command and remove bloatware from your device. And here is a detailed guide on that.

Steps to Debloat or Remove Bloatware from Huawei Phones

Step1- Download Android SDK

First, you must download Android SDK, an official tool provided by Google. It is a software development kit used in developing Android apps. Download Link

The tool and platform packages of Android SDK can be installed as below:

Open Android Studio

Select Configure > SDK Manager

In the default setting box, click on the tabs and install Android SDK platform packages

Next, click on Apply and finally click OK

Alternatively, you can download the platform packages from here

Step 2- Enable USB Debugging

You must now permit ADB software to read your device and make the required changes.

  • Go to Settings > About – tap on build number seven times to enable developer mode

Once the Developer Mode is On, you need to turn ON the USG debugging

  • Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options – look for USB debugging and turn it ON

Step 3- Establish ADB Shell Connection

For the ADB command to effectively perform all the actions required, you need to establish shell connection.

Use a USB cable and connect your Huawei phone to a PC or laptop

In the Android Studio SDK Manager, look for the platform tool folder. Use the path android_sdk/platform-tools

Type CMD in the address bar and open Command Prompt in the platform tool folder

Verify the ADB connection by typing “adb devices” in the command window

Next, type “adb shell” and establish shell environment

The codename of your device will be listed, which means the shell connection is established

Step 4- ADB Commands to Remove Bloatware from Huawei

To remove the bloatware from your Huawei device, you can use the following commands:

In the command line, type “pm list packages” and you will get a list of all apps and packages that are present on your Huawei phone

Type “pm uninstall – –user 0 PackagenName” command to uninstall bloatware from the Huawei phone

The PackageName needs to be replaced with the name of the actual package. For instance, if you want to uninstall the Huawei browser, you should type “pm uninstall – –user 0 com.Huawei.browser”. This will uninstall the browser app from your Huawei device.

List of In-Built Apps of Huawei

com.huawei.desktop.explorer | Desktop Service | Fast ID Online function

com.huawei.arengine.service | Augmented reality service

com.huawei.browser | Huawei Browser | Huawei Tips/Tricks | Huawei Weather | HwChrService | Floating dock | Huawei Payement app | karaoke entertainment app

com.huawei.compass | Huawei Compass

com.huawei.desktop.explorer | Desktop Service

com.huawei.livewallpaper.paradise | Live wallpaper service

com.huawei.parentcontrol | Parental controls functions | Huawei Smart Controller | HiSearch app

com.huawei.stylus.floatmenu | Floating menu

com.huawei.hifolder | Huawei Online Cloud folder service

com.huawei.himovie.overseas | Huawei Videos App

com.huawei.hitouch | Floating dock by Huawei

com.huawei.hwdetectrepair | Huawei Smart diagnosis app

com.huawei.iaware | Huawei info app

com.huawei.wallet | Huawei Wallet | Huawei Watch sync function

com.iflytek.speechsuite | Default voice input method

com.huawei.mirror  | Huawei Mirror app

com.huawei.screenrecorder | Huawei Screen recorder feature

com.huawei.vassistant | Huawei Voice Assistant

Listed above are some Huawei apps you can debloat or remove using the mentioned instructions and free space on your device.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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