Delete Large Attachments on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS is known to be quite feasible when it comes to its user interface as anyone can do things or take actions as per their preference. It is the same when it comes to managing Storage on iPhones or iPads as you get various options to delete files as per your preference. You can even have these files deleted automatically after a certain period.

When it comes to attachments, be it in Messages or Email, everyone must have received a notification stating their respective device’s storage is used and when checked, most of the time it is due to these large files that you didn’t even know you had. So, if you wish to delete large attachments on iPhone and iPad to manage the storage, learn the process here.

Various Measures to Delete Large Attachments on iPhone/iPad and Manage your Storage:

Clearing Storage Space

By following the following steps you would be able to review large files that you have received and can delete them accordingly.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Hit General and then click on iPhone Storage

Over there you shall be able to see various recommendations such as Off Load Unused Apps depending on your scenario. You can go through these options to manage your storage as per your preference. If you wish to review a large attachment you may continue with following the below.

  • Click on Review Large Attachments, if you don’t get such an option you shall have to tap on Show All, and then you must be able to see the concerned option.
  • Now you must be able to see various files that you have received over time along with their respective file size. If you want you can now tap on each file and delete it or you can click on Edit and select multiple at once.

Deleting Multiple Attachments received from a particular Group or Person

If you are looking to delete files that you have received from a particular Group or Individual, you may follow the following to manage such files.

  • Open iMessage app
  • Tap on the respective group or individual that has the attachments that you are looking to delete
  • Tap on that particular Chat’s profile picture
  • Then under the drop-down, click on the info
  • At the bottom look for See all Photos and tap on it
  • Then you may individually delete the files that you don’t want or you may click on Select to select and delete multiple at once
  • After selecting the particular pictures tap Delete which would free up storage on your device

Setting up Automation for deleting messages

By getting the messages deleted automatically after a certain period of receiving them, you shall be free from the hassle of deleting them later, and due to such automation, your phone would be free from the unwanted file which would otherwise be filling up your storage. You may go through the following steps to set up such automation.

  • Open Settings
  • Hit Messages
  • Look for Message History and tap it
  • Then tap on Keep Messages
  • Now you shall be able to select a particular time frame after which the messages shall automatically get deleted, you can select the period that you would prefer and hit Delete

After setting up automation using the above steps, all messages including texts, audio and video files, and photos would get deleted. If you want to keep a particular photo or file you may take a backup for the same so that you can have access to it later whenever needed. You may also get the option to set up such automation under recommendation when you hit iPhone Storage under the General tab in the Setting app.

Even if you have an iPhone or an iPad with the highest capacity, your storage may get exhausted if you don’t manage it wisely. You can always follow the measures provided in this article to manage attachments that you have received in messages so that you can have space to shoot a special moment. After all, no one likes to get a pop stating “Storage Full” at such special moments.

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