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When we buy a new PC or reinstalled the windows, the first thing we do after setting up the windows is to install Google Chrome. It is the most popular web browser and essential for everyday browsing for many of us. In this article, I will show you How to download Google Chrome Offline for Windows?

Installing Google Chrome is very easy on any device. You just need an active internet connection and some browsers to access the internet like Microsoft Edge.  When you access the Google Chrome web page, you just download the chrome installer. After downloading the chrome installer you just need to run it and in a few minutes, your browser will be set up. But the chrome installer which is usually less than 2 MB needs an internet connection. It sometimes causes trouble for the folks who have disturbed internet connectivity.

Luckily, there are ways through which you can download and install Google Chrome completely offline. Similar to the other windows application and you just don’t need to do complicated stuff.

Why You Should Install Google Chrome Offline?

Google allows you to download the installer for Chrome by default. This installer which is of less than 2 MB in size doesn’t contain the actual files of the browser. The installer downloads all the browser files while setting up the browser which takes a few minutes.

The issue with this is if you have disturb or week connectivity, then this installer will go through downloading issues. It also takes up a lot of time to download the browser or in a worse situation, the installation will be canceled.

Apart from the week internet, you also need to install the browser sometimes on multiple PCs. So it is much difficult and time-consuming to run the installer on every device and wait for the installation to complete.

To avoid such a problem, there is one solution and that is Standalone (Offline) Chrome Installer. With this standalone installer, you need to download the setup file only one time. And this setup file will not download browser files during installation. It is a complete application and you need to install it simply just like other windows or mac applications.

You can also use this standalone installer to install the browser on multiple devices by just moving it through a USB or other removable media. So you don’t need to download it every time when installing and even you don’t require internet to install it.

How to Download Google Chrome Offline Installer?

To download the standalone installer you don’t need to look here and there. Just visit the official Google Chrome Download page.

If you want to install it for the single user on your PC or you have only one user account then download it through the following link.

The download page will look identical to the online installer, but don’t worry we are here to help you out.

Download For the Single User

Chrome Single User

After reaching the page, you will see the “Download Chrome” button. Below that button checks the box which indicates ‘help make Google Chrome better …’. It will allow the chrome to send your usage statistics to chrome. If you don’t want it then uncheck it and click on the download button.

The standalone installer will start downloading immediately and it is approximately 60 to 70MB in size.

Download for the Multiple Users

If there are multiple user accounts on your PC and you want to install a browser on all of them, then you need to download from the following link. Rest the process is the same, just click the download button and the downloading will start.

How To Install Google Chrome Offline?

When the downloading is finished, just open the download location where the file is saved. Then double click on the downloaded file or right-click on it and click on open.


The installation process will start and it will setup the browser automatically. You don’t need the internet to run the installation process as it is completely offline.

There is a chance that you see the “Download” status briefly during the installation. But don’t worry it will not download anything as it is completely offline. Chrome will setup automatically once the installation is finished.

After installation, chrome will ask you to sign in with the Google account or you just browse through locally generated profile by clicking on the get started button. If you sign in with the Google account then it will provide you the seamless sync option. You can easily sync between all your devices easily and without going through any hassle. The Google account will also give access to Google’s web app like Gmail, Drive, Docs, and sheets.

Keep Updating Chrome:

With the standalone installer, you can bypass negativities such as the week internet connection. The browser will set up automatically and the process will be fast than the usual. You can also save the internet bandwidth if you plan to install it on multiple devices.

After installing just keep checking the updates on a regular basis. The new updates will remove bugs and prevents chrome from crashing. The browser itself updates automatically when the launch of the new update.

You can still update the browser forcibly, by just clicking the menu. In the menu, you will find help, and in helping you will find about chrome. Chrome will scan the updates automatically and if any available then it will install it.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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