Auto Rotate Not Working on Android

People enjoy watching the video on their android smartphones. Android users cherish the advanced settings of smartphones by rotating their devices to full screen. It is the most common method people follow while using their phones. Besides watching videos, some other works and applications can only be done in the full-screen display. Gamers, too, love to play their games on the full-screen display of their device. Sometimes, an issue arises that they are unable to rotate their device to full screen and watch videos. Most smartphone users come across this problem and look for methods to rectify this issue. Have you also faced this problem? You do not need to be worry because we are here with several solutions to fix auto rotate not working in your device.

Solutions are approachable, and you will be able to reach a permanent solution for this problem through this article. You have to follow certain guidelines and try these methods to fix your problem of autorotation.

Methods To Fix Auto Rotate Not Working On Android

Solution1: Adjust via Auto-Rotate and Portrait Lock

If you faced this issue for the very first time, you need not get panic. Relax, the problem is just a peanut. It may be you just accidentally turned off your auto-rotate option. If so, you have to turn on that option. But turning off and on repeat can cause a problem to your device. If the auto-rotate is turned off by mistake, it will not appear in the icons’ feature under the control panel. Rather you will see a portrait under the icon. At the bottom, a small lock will appear in the portrait.

  • Firstly, open a notification tray in the device
  • Search for the auto-rotate or portrait icon.
  • You have to click on the icon to analyze whether auto-rotate is working or not. If not, it must be a portrait lock is turned on. You have to wait for a while and turn on the auto-rotate option to check if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Adjust the Settings of your device

If the problem from the drop-down toggle bar is not rectified, you must test the device’s settings options. You have to enable the feature; it must switch your device from portrait to landscape mode automatically.

To grab the advantage of this-

  • Go to Accessibility in the settings option
  • Click on the feature Auto – Rotate Screen
  • Get confirmations of the actions

Solution 3: Figure out your Accelerometer and G- Sensor

The G- sensor and accelerometer could be one of the cases for auto – rotation not working in the device. To bring back the proper functioning of your auto-rotate feature, you have to calibrate the accelerometer and G – sensor functions.

To figure out if they are working properly or not, you have to undergo various tests. You have to take the help of apps like Sensors Test and Sensors Multirole. If the tests state the malfunctioning of these, you must try figuring out with the help of other apps like Toolbox and GPS Status.

Solution 4:Test problem with Third-party Apps

If the problem is due to a third-party app’s improper functioning, you have to make sure you reboot your device in the safe mode if it is that account app.

If the problem still arises, you have installed any such app that is causing this issue. For this, you may have to check each installed app and uninstall it from your device. After deleting such an app, your problem of auto-rotation will be resolved.

Solution 5: Restart Your Device

A straightforward hack you can follow is restarting your android device. It may look like a very easy solution, but it helps resolve many other issues in the device. Just in a few seconds of restarting your device resolves many big problems.

Solution 6: Update Your Device

One of the most important features to run your device smoothly and quickly, you must keep it updated from time to time. Due to expired software, many of the features in the android are malfunctioning, and auto-rotate could be among these. So, to solve this feature, you must update your device to the latest version, and to keep an eye on the updated version of your device, you should tap on ‘Check Updates Manually’ in the settings option. It will keep you informed about the current updates.

Try these methods and you can definitely fix auto rotate not working on Android issue.

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