Fix Garmin Watch GPS Connectivity Issue

Garmin watches are used for mobile connectivity needs and different fitness purposes. Recently, many users are facing issues regarding GPS connectivity with the Garmin watch. Because of this issue, many apps and connected features like footsteps checker, distance calculator, etc., are not working fine. So, bad GPS connectivity on the Garmin smartwatch is not desirable, and here are some ways to fix Garmin Watch GPS connectivity issue.

Tips To Fix Garmin Watch GPS Connectivity Issue:

GPS stands for Global positioning system that helps you find any location or provide directions about a location in your smart devices. The Garmin smartwatch also uses a GPS to locate and track the location for hiking, exercise, and other fitness activities. A signal is sent to the satellite by the Watch for tracking the location data of users. Many users have recently reported the issue on Garmin’s community, the watch is unable to collect their location data, and it shows connecting on the screen. So, follow these methods to fix GPS connectivity issues on Garmin watches.

Before fixing the issue, please ensure that you are not facing the below points that can affect the GPS connectivity on your Garmin Watch.

  • You are not located in a dense woody area that may have network connectivity issues.
  • You are living in an area surrounded by tall buildings; it can also cause a connecting issue.
  • Moreover, if you are traveling for a long distance without having a network or signal, it can also cause a GPS connectivity issue.

If you are facing any of the above scenarios, you can follow the below methods to fix the GPS issue on your Watch.

Solution 1: Check and Update CPE and Sync the Watch

CPE is known as Connected Predictive Ephemeris, which helps to locate the current position of the satellite, it helps to reduce the GPS acquisition time. Below are some steps to check and update the CPE of your Watch.

Hold down the Up and then scroll down and open the About option from the menu.

After opening the about option, find and select CPE.

Check the status if it shows current or expired.

If it shows expired, you need to update the CPE with the help of a computer or laptop as you won’t be able to update it through Watch.

After connecting the Watch with a PC through a USB cable, open the Graham App.

Tap on Sync to update your Watch.

Solution 2: Updating Software Version

Garmin watches can be updated automatically when they are connected to a smartphone. However, sometimes they fail to update automatically due to some technical issues. In such cases, you need to update the watch manually.

Here are the steps for updating the Watch manually.

Open the system menu by long-pressing the Top button of your Watch.

Now select the System option through the start/stop button.

Scroll down and open the software update option.

After opening it, Toggle it on or off.

After following the above process, your Watch will be updated automatically if any updates are available to install. Moreover, Garmin connect app will automatically download the available update and install it. If you have turned off the automatic software update option, you will need to follow the above method and check if any updates are available for your Watch.

Solution 3: Checking GPS Positioning

Open the system option.

Now tap on sensors.

Now, go to the GPS option.

Toggle to turn it on/off through the Select button.

It will fix the GPS positioning issue on your Watch.

Solution 4: Reset Your Garmin Watch

You need to turn your Watch off by pressing and holding the Light button of the Garmin watch for resetting the device and then follow the following steps:

Once the Watch is powered off, press and hold the back button

Power on your watch while holding the back button

You will see a Clear User Data message on the screen

Now, choose Yes to reset your Watch

Once the reset is done, you can set up your Watch again and start using it.

Check if the GPS connectivity issue is resolved or not.


These are some solutions that will help to solve the GPS connectivity issue on your Garmin Smartwatch. We hope you will be able to fix the problems with the help of the above methods. If you have any questions or feedback, comment below!

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