Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue.


Google has been creating many innovative devices, apps, and software. Google pixel was also released by the Google. It is a set of electronic devices which runs on Chrome OS or Android OS.  Devices of pixel include smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  The devices were said to be beneficial to the users. However, there was a common problem encountered by everyone in the pixel. Many have reported that pixel Bluetooth won’t connect. However, if we know the possible ways to rectify it, then it’s easy to tackle this issue. Let us now see the solutions to fix the Google pixel Bluetooth issues.


Fixes for Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue

  1. Check whether the Bluetooth is connected

  • Tap on the Bluetooth button on the drop-down menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on connected devices
  • Tap on the Bluetooth to turn ON and OFF.

The Bluetooth is enabled if you see the Bluetooth icon on the top of your phone screen. You can then connect your phone with other Bluetooth accessories. Follow the steps below if you feel Google pixel Bluetooth not connecting.

Google Pixel Bluetooth Issue


  1. Reboot the phone

Rebooting your phone can be an immediate solution to solve this issue. Follow these simple steps.

  • Reboot the phone by long pressing the power button.
  • A set of options would pop-up. They are Power off, Restart and flight mode.
  • Choose Restart, and the device will confirm once again by giving two options restart and cancel. Select Restart.
  • Now the phone will turn off and turn on sequentially.
  • Once the device is on, you can change the Bluetooth settings.
  1. Change the Bluetooth version in your pixel

The Google pixel Bluetooth pairing issues may occur due to flaws in default Bluetooth version. You can change the current version by following these steps.

  • Reboot your phone as mentioned above
  • Go to Settings in the menu
  • In the settings menu, scroll and select system.
  • Select the About Phone option.
  • You will find a Build number option. Tap on it for 6-8 times. By doing this, the developer option would be enabled.
  • Go back, and you will find Developer option.
  • Scroll down and select Bluetooth AVRCP version.
  • A pop-up menu appears which shows
  • AVRCP version 1.4 (Default)
  • AVRCP version 1.3
  • AVRCP version 1.5
  • AVRCP version 1.6
  • Select AVRCP 1.5, and go back
  1. Delete all the Bluetooth devices in your phone

  • Tap on the settings in the menu
  • Tap connected devices
  • Scroll and tap on Bluetooth
  • The devices connected will be listed below.
  • Select the settings on the devices and select forget.
  • Thus you can erase the devices from your phone’s memory.
  • Reboot your phone and try to connect it with the other devices.


You can also delete the Bluetooth devices on your car or other accessories by going to  Bluetooth settings and select forget option near to device. Now that you have restored the factory settings of Bluetooth, you can try to connect both the devices. The devices will now pair easily without any trouble. The Bluetooth sharing can now be comfortable.


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