Huawei P10 Not Charging

Huawei P10 boasts good charging and battery time. The battery is very important when using smartphones. But if for some reason your Huawei P10 is not charging or you have battery life issues read on to know how you can solve them.

Issues with Huawei not charging

Maybe you are facing issues of your Huawei not charging or Huawei not supercharging for a number of reasons. They could be related to the software, hardware or even external installations.


  • The first thing to do in this case then is to try a forced reboot procedure. Keep in mind that Huawei P10 does not have a removable battery so it will not work like the battery removing thing we do with removable battery phones. All you have to do is press and hold the Power button with the Volume key. Your phone should automatically reboot if it has any battery. After this, you’ll try to turn off your phone and charge it.
  • Charging your phone on power off is always a good option. If your Huawei P10 is not charging when on it might just charge when switched off. We need to make sure that any app installations are not interfering with your charging. So, a switched off phone can eliminate that possibility. Another way to find out third party involvement is by charging your phone is safe mode. If it charges there’s a hundred percent chance that one or some apps might be the problem. Find them and uninstall them immediately.
  • The last thing you can do is check the phone for physical damages. Check its wire cable, adapter and even check your phone’s charger slot, in case of any damage or dampness. If this doesn’t work it’s best if you send your phone back for replacement.

Issues with Huawei P10 charging time and battery life

If battery life is the problem with your Huawei P10 don’t worry we’ve got your back. Some simple measures can be taken that can ensure you have a good charging time and battery life.


Huawei P10 Not Charging

  • You can try limiting the brightness. The Huawei P10 boasts a very good display for watching movies so you can switch off the automatic brightness setting and use it in minimal brightness.
  • To increase Huawei P10 charging time it’s best if you turn off Bluetooth and wifi. The WiFi is always searching for the network which eventually drains the battery fast.
  • Turning off your GPS location services is also a good option. To do this you can go to your settings > location to chose the battery saving mode option. This option will save tons of battery life for you.
  • Your background apps could also be consuming a lot of battery. Check if they are on and exit all apps that you’re not using in the immediate future.
  • The next best thing to do is Turn on your power saving mode. For this you will have to go to Settings >Battery > power saving mode

This may help you with your Huawei charging and battery issues.


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