No HDMI sound from laptop to TV

There are instances when Users can experience No HDMI sound from laptop to TV. In such instances, the problem can be related to HDMI connections. Sound services provide users with access to content in video forms and audio forms. When there is no sound in devices users can be greatly inconvenienced which can be a challenge to users.

No HDMI sound from laptop to TV problems are mainly associated with Windows PC. The issue can be caused by several issues on the device connected to an external source of media content. When a device has sound problems it can be inconveniencing for users to gain access to the content of preference at any time. Sound connections can be made to ascertain the best video access.

No HDMI sound from laptop to TV

How to check Windows Sound settings

When devices have audio access problems the cause can be sound services. If the user can see the Speaker icon at the right side of the computer they can click on it and see the name of the device connected.

Users can Right-click on the speaker icon to the left of the clock (or maybe right) in the Windows notification area and choose Open Sound settings. If the user doesn’t see a speaker icon they can open the control panel and click on Hardware and sound then tap sound option.

How to Set HDMI correctly

On the playback tab, the user will find a list of all the devices which can produce sound. Some options may be outputs on the PC which isn’t connected to any device which displays as Not Plugged. In some instances, there could be hidden playback devices which can successfully be disabled. Users can make the sound options light up when sound is playing on the device that is needed.

Check Volume Levels

In some instances, the settings problem can be from volume settings. When the balance in the output connectivity to the device is corrupted sound issues can be experienced. Users can connect multiple devices to the device to test and see.

Check the cable

If users are getting picture only over the HDMI cable it will likely be damaged. In some instances, users can experience sound problems when HDMI cable has a defect that can be sorted. Users can check whether the cables have been well established and connected. If not users can try purchasing other cables.

There are many varieties of cable that users can choose from. HDMI cables can be used to provide users with connections to external devices at the most appropriate output level.

Use of Restore PC Repair Tool

This software will repair common errors. It is appropriate for security against data loss and malware that can cause damage to the devices being used. The method provided below can be used for convenient access to content.

Step 1: Download Restore PC repair Tool on the app access point convenient to users.

Step 2: Click on the Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.

Step 3: Click Repair all to fix issues with patented Technologies.

If the user has connected the device to the TV via a cable the issue can appear due to settings on the TV device.

How to fix Sound problems by Changing Hardware

Users can make settings changes from the Hardware and sounds option at the most convenient way by use of the methods provided below.

Step 1: If the user wants sound through an HDMI cable they have to adjust some settings in windows 10.

Step 2: Press and hold the button Windows and the button X.

Step 3: Left click or tap on the control panel option of the device.

Step 4: In the Control panel window tap on the option indicated Hardware and Sounds.

Step 5: Open on the windows sound ruck for access to sound options on the device.

How to resolve No HDMI sound from laptop to TV by Driver Update

When the sound options of the Windows devices being used has issued its important for users to update drivers. Users can update the driver options by use of several methods. For instance:

Step 1: Left click on the desktop logo on the start screen.

Step 2: OR Press and hold on the Windows button and on the button X.

Step 3: Left click or tap on the Device Manager feature.

Step 4: Right Click the sound device and left-click on the Update driver software features.

Step 5: The users will get a window in which they need to left-click on the OK option.

Step 6: Reboot the windows 10 device options.

Step 7: After the Windows 10 Reboot the device should be installed.

How to fix HDMI no signal to solve No HDMI sound from laptop to TV

No HDMI sound from laptop to TV

Many other issues can emanate from HDMI. In some instances, users can get the problem of no signal due to the connectivity errors in the device. No signal issue is mainly experienced when the users need to connect the devices into the external TV connection. Users can make adjustments to the device HDMI cable to resolve the issue.

How to Fix PC Audio Sound errors

There are many errors that users can run into in the process of accessing the media of interest. Users can ensure that the connection is established successfully before making conclusions that the error emanates from the PC. If the sound error is from the PC users can scan the device to detect the errors.

Final Thoughts

Many instances can lead to HDMI issues in device productivity. When there is an issue in the process of accessing content users can check whether the problem emanates from the device. If the No HDMI sound from laptop to TV issue is as a result of device access point users can use the methods provided above to attain the most accurate outcome.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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