Fix Pixel 6 Pro Won't Recognize SIM Card

Pixel 6 pro has captured most of the mobile phone marketplace due to its stunning specification and clean designs. However, it’s not free of bugs as well. Apart from alluring designs, Google Pixel 6 Pro also has some bugs and issues. Nowadays, many users are reporting about the Pixel 6 Pro won’t recognize SIM card issues, and obviously, it’s a major concern.

Multiple users have reported to the Pixel Help forum about the connectivity issues on their Pixel 6 Pro devices even when the SIM card is inserted. Simple reboot options sometimes fix the issue for a couple of hours, but the SIM card not recognizing issue comes back again.

We have piled several methods to fix the Pixel 6 Pro won’t recognize SIM card issue. Just have a look.

Methods to fix the Pixel 6 Pro won’t recognize SIM card issues:

  1. Check by inserting some other SIM cards

It is predicted that AT & T version cellular service users with Google Pixel 6 Pro models are facing this issue. You can try inserting another SIM card on the Pixel 6 Pro and check the issue.

But, if the issue persists, that means there is a problem with the device or the SIM tray. However, if the different network works well on the phone, there are high chances that the SIM card has no issue. So, try replacing the SIM card.

  1. Find device EID

It would be a wise idea to find the device’s EID and check that it shows properly or not. To find device EID, follow the simple steps:

Firstly, open the Settings menu on the handset and tap About phone

Then, Tap SIM status and scroll down to tap EID

For finding your EID QR code, Open the Settings menu on the device > Network & internet

Tap plus icon available next to SIMs

Next, tap on the option Download a SIM instead or Don’t have a SIM card

Finally, tap on Next then. Tap on finding it here if it asks Activating in a store.

  1. Reset Network Settings

To check if there is a temporary networking glitch on the system or not, make sure to reset the network settings. Sometimes a simple network reset fixes the issue in a more convenient way.

To reset network settings, follow the simple procedure:

Open the Settings of the device

Then, go to System and Reset options

Reset Wi-Fi mobile & Bluetooth

Then, tap Reset settings and enter the password or pattern if it asks

Again, tap Reset Settings and confirm

Then, reboot the devices to apply changes

And lastly, insert the SIM card again and check for the issue.

Important Note

In some cases, the device won’t read the SIM card even after performing a factory reset.

  1. Reinserting SIM

Re-inserting the SIM is an easy process and to do that, follow the simple steps:

Open the SIM tray by inserting the SIM removal tool into the hole present at the edge of the SIM tray.

Then, let the SIM tray fully eject and remove or insert the SIM card properly

Put the SIM card on the tray keeping the gold face up

Then, gently fit the SIM card inside the slot

Finally, Power on the device and check for the SIM network.

Important Note:

It would be foolish to insert or remove the SIM card when Google Pixel 6 Pro is powered on. It could affect the SIM card on your device itself. Always ensure to switch off your handset and then remove and re-insert the SIM card to check any issues.

  1. Connect with eSIM support

If it fails to fix the SIM card not working issue by the methods mentioned above, the final step is to connect with the Google Pixel Help team for further assistance.

You may get some technical advice to solve the issue by contacting support.

Final Thoughts:

The Pixel 6 Pro won’t recognize SIM card issues, could be frustrating most of the time and adds issues in placing or receiving calls. But, luckily there are a couple of possible workarounds that could solve the issue in Google Pixel 6 pro.

Feel free to comment below, the method that worked well for your issue and any other methods of fixing the SIM card not recognizing issue, if you know any!

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  1. I had this issue with my Pixel 6 Pro. Turns out it was just the SIM card and as soon as I replaced it with a new one it worked again. With all the issues I’ve had with the phone I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t the phone.


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