Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 GPS problems

No one can deny that Samsung watch 4 is one of the most efficient devices that can work properly for everyone. As everything comes with a bad site, it is no exception. Some people have reported that they are having some issues with the device, such as Samsung watch not tracking distance, etc. Initially, only a few users were reporting the issue, but now, there are a lot of users who encounter Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 GPS problems.

There is no official statement from the Samsung authority regarding this issue, but we can say that it is nothing but a system glitch that we can try to solve using several methods. Here we have mentioned some troubleshooting methods that were beneficial to several users. If you are facing the same issue with your Samsung galaxy watch 4, you can try applying these troubleshooting methods to solve the issue. Let’s jump into the troubleshooting methods.

Ways to fix Samsung galaxy watch 4 GPS problems:

Look for the Software Updates

Developers always work on a glitch that interrupts user experience, and that’s why they try to solve the glitch with the update. As the initial step to solve this issue, you have to check whether there is any update available or not. Developers usually eliminate the bugs with the updates. If you can see any update available on your system, install and run that and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Get proper network coverage and reboot your Samsung watch 4

If you are in a room where barely any network gets in, you have to move outdoors, where the chances of network blockage are low. Stand where you can get enough network and restart your Samsung galaxy watch 4.

To restart your galaxy watch 4, press the power button and then hit the power off option.

Once the restart process gets finished, press the power key again to restart your watch once more.

Check if the issue is fixed now.

Check if the device is connected to a mobile network

Sometimes, the problem can occur because of simple network issues. Any blockage with the carrier network can be the reason for this issue. To ensure that you don’t have any issues with the mobile network, you have to verify that your mobile has a sufficient network connection.

First, unlock your device and go to the settings option

After that, head to the about phone section and, from there, go to the status information option.

Tap on the SIM card status option and make sure that the mobile network is showing “connected”

Check the Bluetooth connection

Ensure that both your phone and the device have an active bluetooth connection.

To have access to all the features your device has, you have to make sure that your device is connected with your phone through a bluetooth connection. Sometimes, the problem can occur because of an accidental touch on the Bluetooth option on your panel.

First, go to the galaxy wearable application on your device and hit the home button.

Here, you will be able to see “connected via bluetooth” on your screen if both the devices are linked through Bluetooth.

In case your device is not paired with your smartphone, on the screen, you will be able to see “disconnected from watch”. This is how you can understand whether your device is connected to your phone or not.

If your device is not paired, hit connect. If the gadgets are connected through Wi-Fi, you will be able to see the connect to Wi-Fi option on the screen.

You have to go to the settings option and then to the connections in those cases

Next, go to the Bluetooth option and switch on the Bluetooth.

Reset the Watch

If nothing works for you, try to reset your Samsung galaxy smartwatch to fix this issue. You can reset your watch by using the Galaxy Wearable application.

For this, first, go to the Galaxy Wearable application on your paired device.

Here, enter the settings option and then select general

Now you will be able to find the reset option

Contact the service centre

If your tracking issue is not solved after applying all the above-mentioned methods, as the last method, you can try to show your Samsung watch to a service center or ask for a replacement. You’ll get further assistance from the service center.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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