Fix Google Pixel Widevine Level

Google pixel is undoubtedly one of the most efficient smartphones out there. It comes with many exciting and unique features that create a craze among tech-savvy people worldwide. But it seems like these pixel devices are still stuck with the Widevine L3 support and SD quality for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. This is why Netflix users cannot access higher resolution content as the process is still stuck to the SD( Standard Definition).

What is Widevine? 

Media streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+ etc often use different types of Digital Rights Management(DRM). It helps them to protect their contents from being pirated without permission. We know how much pirated sites can affect these streaming platforms, and DRM works as a protection shield. Widevine is nothing but a DRM technology used widely across the world. This technology is used in multiple web and Android applications. Unfortunately, some Android devices don’t fully support the Widevine DRM. People get irritated when they pay for the content and quality but become unable to access them as their smartphones don’t support it.

If you’re also a pixel device user and facing the same issue with the Widevine L3 support, this article is for you as in this article, we’ll discuss some methods to troubleshoot this issue.

Why do users have to change the Widevine Level?

Widevine L3 is the lowest supported video resolution. It can stop you from watching premium quality content on your device. If the android device only has the Widevine L3 support, the device does not carry a (TEE) or Trusted Execution Environment for DRM encryption to run. As a result, users may get restricted to 480P resolution while streaming content. Widevine L2-supported devices have a trusted execution environment that allows streaming content at 540P maximum.

On the other hand, the Widevine L1 support is best for streaming premium content. When paying for the quality and the content, you deserve to watch with the best resolution. With this, you can even watch the quality content on bigger screens as well. WidevineL1 gives the highest level of protection and is entirely processed in the TEE. On devices that support this Widevine, can access the highest possible resolution.

That’s why it is important to fix the Google Pixel Widevine Level Changed from Level 1 to 3 issue.

Ways to Fix Google Pixel Widevine Level Changed from Level 1 to 3:

Most Android devices have Widevine L1 support by default, as it is also certified by Google. Sometimes, some rooted devices or non-certified smartphones can still get stuck with Widevine L3 or L2. It can also happen by any software corruption or bug attack with Google Pixel. If you are still confused about which Widevine level your device supports and want to check that, simply use the DRM info app from the Play Store.

To check out the Widevine level on your device for Netflix, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Head to ‘Settings’
  • Then, scroll down to ‘Playback Specifications’ to see which formats are available.

Some Pixel device users are reporting that the Widevine level has been automatically changed from level 1 to Level 3. Don’t lose hope. There is a Widevine Services APK file to install the certificate properly. XDA Senior members shared this important information.

Steps to Fix Pixel Widevine Level from L3 to L1

First, you have to download the app-release_signed(3).apk file on your affected Pixel device and install it.

When it asks you to allow unknown sources to install the APK, make sure you permit them.

After the APK file gets installed successfully, go to the device’s Settings menu.

Scroll down and head over Apps

Go to Netflix or any other streaming app.

Clear cache and data of Netflix app.

If it asks to permit unknown sources to install the APK, then make sure to allow it.

Reboot the device to apply changes.

Now your device is supported by Widevine L1 for streaming platforms.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


  1. This is a lazy article. How about a link to the apk atleast so people don’t have to waste time searching for it to find out that the pixels won’t allow it to install anymore and are immediately disappointed instead of searching first.
    Or a Reddit link to one of the very popular threads pointing to there being no current solutions because Google is being scummy.


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