how to get APK from installed app on Android

An APK file or Android Package Kit is the file format which Android uses to install and distribute applications. It is a sort of kit which has the necessary constituents required for an app to install properly on a device. If you have an APK file saved on your phone, then you can use it to install those old apps on new phones or even share it with someone without having to install those apps again. Here is how to get APK from installed app on Android.

Steps to get APK from installed app on Android

how to get APK from installed app on Android

First, download an app from the Google Play Store. There are many good apps that let you extract APK from installed apps you can pick one with good reviews. Today we will take the example of APK Extractor app. The steps for extracting APK from these apps are almost same for all:

Download and install the APK Extractor app on your phone from the Play Store

Open it by tapping on the app’s icon

If you want to get the APK of all the apps, then click on the Menu (3 vertically placed dots) and Select All and then click on the download arrow that appears on the screen.

If you just want to extract the APK then simply click on the app to extract the APK file. For the first time, you will be prompted to give permission to the app to your files, media, etc. The extracted file gets saved, the path of which can be seen in the Settings

If you want to share the APK file of a specific app with another device, then click on the three dots of the app and click on Share. You will get a list of options (different platforms) through which you can share.

Pick your choice of sharing mode and the person or device that you want to share it with.

Now that you know how to get APK file from an installed app go ahead and extract them and share them with others or use it to install the apps on your new phone.



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