Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands

Along with the new Apple Watch Series, Apple has also launched the Solo Loop Bands. Unlike any other watch band, the Apple Watch Solo Loop Band does not consist of a buckle mechanism but has a slips design. So, the user can directly slip it on the wrist.

The stretchable design of the Solo Loop is available in various sizes for various wrist sizes. Unlike any other watch band, the user should get the right size of the new Solo Loop Watch Bands as the size will not adjust later because of the slip-on design. As the bands are stretchable, the bands can only slip-on or off and cannot be adjusted in size. The Solo Loop Bands are quite comfortable and much easy to wear.

Made up of liquid silicone rubber, the Apple Watch Solo Loop band is available in nine sizes. They also offer a guide for the size on the store page. Check out for some of the best tips to ensure that you have bought the right size of the Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands for your wrist.

Compatibility of the Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands

Apple announced its Solo Loop Bands along with the new series Apple 6 and w Apple Watch SE. But the Solo Loop Watch bands are more compatible with the older models of Apple Watches also. The following Apple watch series is compatible with the Solo Loop Bands: Apple Watch Series 6, 5, and 4 and also Apple Watch SE.

How to Measure Your Wrist Properly for the Solo Loop Bands

There are three different ways to measure your wrist for the Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands:

Use the Apple Printable Tool:

With the help of the Apple Printable Tool, you can determine the size of the Solo Loop. Let us follow the below step-by-step guide:

Visit the order page of Apple for Apple Watches or even check Individual bands. Select Solo Loop Band

Below the Band Size, select the option Start your band measurement

Select Download the printable tool

Make sure that the printer option for the page is set to 100%

Print the selected printable tool

In the sizing area of the printed page, place a credit card. This will assure you that printed on the correct size

With the help of scissors, cut the wrist sizing tool carefully

Place the cut shape on your wrist where you would be placing your watch face and warp the paper size too tightly on your wrist.

Make sure that tool size does not slide away

Check the number that the arrow will be pointing. It will be your band size. If the arrow points on a line, choose the smaller number to the line.

Use a Tape Measure

If you do not have a printer available to get Apple’s printable tool, you can even use a measuring tap to know your band size. Here is what you need to do.

  • Wrap the measuring tape tightly on your wrist. Make sure it is not too loose, but it should be comfortable.
  • Note the measurement
  • Go to the order page of the Apple watch, and under the Band size, go to Start your band measurement

Wrist measurement

  • Select the Household objects tab from the size guide window that will appear
  • Select Got it. What’s Next?
  • Enter the noted measurement of your wrist either in inches or centimeters
  • Select Get your Band size
  • When the band size appears, choose the recommended size and click on Continue.

Using a Ruler, Scissor, Pen, and Paper to measure

If you cannot print the measurement printed tool from Apple and even don’t have a measuring tape, you can check your band size with the help of a scissor, paper, pen, and a ruler.

Cut about one-half inch of paper. A narrow strip will be best

Wrap the strip to your wrist, in a comfortable way and not too tightly

With the help of a marker or pen, mark on the paper where the end of the strip will overlap with the other end of the strip

Lay the strip of the paper on a surface. Using a ruler, measure the distance from the start to the point that you have marked. Note the measurement

From the apple page of Household objects, go to the size guide window

Enter the noted measurement and select Get your band size

As your band size appears, select the recommended size and click Continue.

Apple arranges an in-store band swap for those who have ill-fitting bands. You can even contact Apple online and request a swap. Call Apple’s online support team and ask for a replacement, and it will be done.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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