Roku airplay mirroring

Mirroring your iPhone to a computer or laptop is a very effective way to enjoy the games and movies which are stored on your iPhone on a bigger screen. While mirroring your iPhone on a bigger screen is becoming very popular, you might face little difficulties while doing so.  Apple has added several restrictions on the iPhone, and as a result, it can be difficult to find the right mirroring alternative that would suit you. This is where Roku can help you.

Roku offers many products that you can use under various occasions. A large number of people around the world do Roku airplay mirroring. Roku is a secure platform where you can mirror your iPhone without any worries. It is easy to use and makes the whole mirroring experience a lot better. Let’s have a look at how to mirror your iPhone on Roku.

How To Mirror iPhone To Roku?

Here, the steps are given for how to connect iPhone to Roku airplay:

  • To start with, go to ‘Network’ and then connect your Roku with your WiFi connection where your iPhone is also connected.
  • Once your Roku is connected to your WiFi connection, set up your Roku Play device. You should go to the ‘Settings’ menu and then select ‘System.’ Then click on ‘System update’ to see that your device has the latest version of the software. If not then update it.
  • Then go back to ‘System,’ and select ‘Screen mirroring’ and enable the mirroring feature.

Roku airplay mirroring

After setting up the Roku Play Device, now is the time for screen mirroring Roku through your iPhone:

  • First, go to Apple’s app store, download the Roku app on your iPhone and launch it.
  • Once you have downloaded and launched the app, open it and there you will find the list available devices that you can connect with.
  • Click on the TV device to connect your iPhone with it and start mirroring.
  • By mirroring your iPhone on your Roku device, you can watch the videos, pictures, music and other things directly from your phone to TV. Just ensure that your iPhone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

Problems you might come across while screen mirroring your iPhone on Roku device:

As Roku is a new product in screen mirroring, you might come across some issues while mirroring your iPhone on Roku device:

  • When you connect your iPhone to TV to play videos, it might take some time. Instead of trying something different, just wait for the videos to play.
  • The video and audio might not come in sync with each other while the video is streaming.
  • Sometimes the screen mirroring might stop functioning. Then check if your screen display is on or off.


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