Pass SafetyNet on Rooted Android 12

Google will soon announce its latest iteration of the OS called Android 12. The new version of the OS will bring new and exciting features. First, there will be new Materials to design, and the wallpaper will be based on the UX Theming engine. There will be a new Settings menu, a new Notifications Panel, and some accessibility features like Camera Switch. The OEM will offer all of these.

Another cool feature that will be in the upcoming versions of OS is SafetyNet. It is a security feature of Google that will be present in the upcoming versions of Android OS running smartphones and tablet devices.

Its job is to stop any rooted Android device users so that they won’t be able to use phone banking apps or make any transactions through that device. Because Android OS has become more strict with its privacy policies.

So what happens when SafetyNet fails?

Suppose the SafetyNet is unable to check the system and a hardware-based attestation to check it’s integrity. In that case, you won’t be able to use any online banking applications, streaming services like Amazon, or play games on your mobile phone. For that, you can bypass SafetyNet from your recently rooted android 12 handset.

So, in this article, we will talk about 5 simple steps through which you can bypass SafetyNet. Here, we will pre-assume that you’ve already rooted your phone through Magisk and have installed the Magisk App. Without wasting any more time, let’s drive in the steps to pass SafetyNet on your Rooted Android 12.

Steps To Pass Safetynet On Rooted Android 12:

Step 1: Install MagiskHide Props Config

Open the Magisk App > Go to the Modules section and then search for MagiskHide Props Config> Click on the Download icon > Then install it > After installing, click the Reboot button at the bottom right corner of the and restart your device.

Step 2: Force Basic Attestation

In this step, you have to install any terminal emulator app from the Google Play Store. (I.e., CommandBot)

Open the app and type the following command: su -c props

After you write the command, you will get SuperUser access. From there, click on Grant to enable it.

Next, you need to launch the MagiskHide Props Config within the terminal app.

Then type 2 and click Enter to Force BASIC Key Attestation.

Force BASIC Key Attestation page will pop up, and from here, you will see your device as the default value. However, you may choose Nexus 6P or Pixel 3A to pass the SafetyNet feature more easily.

Then type d (Yes) according to the screen instruction and hit enter > After that, type 7 (Google) and Enter > Then type 5 (Google Nexus 6P) and Enter > And then Type y (YES) and Enter to confirm the selected value > Then reboot your system by typing y (YES) and press Enter.

Step 3: Enable MagiskHide

 After your system reboots, open the Magisk App. Go to the Setting icon, scroll down to the Magisk section, and turn on the MagiskHide toggle.

Step 4: Install Riru Module

After that, you need to install the Riru Module from the Magisk App. Here’s how you do it. Go to the Magisk App > the Modules section > Search for Riru> then hit Download.

Upon installing, click the reboot button and restart your system one more time.

Step 5: Flash SafetyNet Fix

 Now you can complete the rest of the process of successfully bypassing SafetyNet.

For that, head over to GitHub and download the Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk Module.

Then go back to the Magisk App. Go to the Modules section.

Now tap the install button and look for the Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk Module that you’ve downloaded.

After that, click the Universal SafetyNet Fix Magisk Module, and it will start flashing.

Next, you need to restart your system.

And now you can see the results. Go to the Magisk App and then click on Check SafetyNet. If you see the ‘Download Proprietary Code’ option then tap ‘OK’ to allow the download. And that’s it.

Your device will successfully bypass all the three SafetyNet protocols (basicIntegrity, ctsProfile, and evalType BASIC). However, if you’re still unable to do so, choose another device and follow all the steps.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issue


  1. This doesn’t work on magisk canary, which is the only version that works on Android 12 properly. With the canary build magiskhide has been removed in place of deny list. They’ve removed the built in safetynet check too. Downloading magiskhide props config won’t do anything and neither with safetynet pass module.


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