Reset Your Advertising ID on Android

Have you ever given a thought to those ads that match your interest and pop up when you browse on any page? How these ads are matched up with your interest? Do you know your every activity on the browser can be tracked by web developers or tech giants? Wondering about your privacy cookies and don’t know how to protect your personal information from being marketed by these developers? Your android phone facilitates you with an advertising ID so that you can control your browsing information and make most of your browsing activity private.

If you are tussling with the privacy of your Android phone and want to protect your secret identifier i.e. Advertising ID, you have landed at the right place. You are just a troll away from maintaining your mobile app activity back and protect them from the tech giants and advertisers. These advertising IDs on Android can be reset easily and by following few steps you can hide the browsing information of your mobile phone and make it private. Then, there is no hassling of annoying advertising ads on your android mobile phone.

The term advertising ID itself identifies that it is a reset table ID given to android users by Google Play and is similar to cookies and used for advertising purposes. This advertising ID helps track your mobile movement and mobile app usage by developers and advertising companies. Henceforth, web developers target the advertising ID and sell it or share it with the advertising company or third parties. This will help the third party to learn about your interest, and finally, they flood your mobile with the targeted ads.

Your advertising ID knows all the finest information about your shopping habits like how many bucks you spend on the restaurant? What you bought last night and lots more? Further by tracking your ID information they can serve you some political ads and can cheat you with making payments and all.

However, in this case, you can simply disable or rest your advertising ID with the help of few clicks and protect yourself from being tracked and malware advertising ads. Additionally, you can protect yourself from getting targeted with advertising ads. And here is the step-by-step process to reset Your Advertising ID on Android.

Steps to Reset Your Advertising ID on Android:

Firstly go to Settings of your mobile and scroll down to see Google Services and preferences

By tapping on Google services and preferences it will command you to your Google account

There, click on Ads

Now, click on Reset advertising ID

When you finally tap reset, a new Advertiser ID is displayed immediately on the same page

After getting a new advertising ID the tech giants can no more connect with you and annoy you with advertising ads.

Important Note:

On the same page, you can opt out of interest-based ads. The developers then no more can use the advertising ID for showing you ads.

Google dealt with the apps that before showing ads, the apps must check and respect the Android device’s settings. If interest-based advertisements are turned off on an Android device, apps must honor it and if fails to do so it means policy violation.

Google wants that no information about their users goes public, so Goggle offered the companies a policy page that how the advertising ID may be used by tech giants or developers without violating their privacy.

But, is resetting the advertising ID enough to protect yourself from tech giants and keep your browsing habits away from them? The tech giants can use privacy-oriented browsers and with the help of filter bubble, they will show you annoying ads. So, always flush out your cookies regularly because most of the trackers use mobile cookies to understand your browsing behavior and show you the targeted ads.

By adding these simple steps to your mobile use routine you can step out from the stealing of your personal browsing information!

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