Root Windows Subsystem for Android

Magisk is a famous software used to root android phones. One who loves to root would be happy to hear that from now on, it is possible to root your Windows 11 PC using Magisk, and it is no rocket science. Let’s discuss the steps below.

Steps to Root Windows Subsystem for Android via Magisk

  1. Uninstall Previous windows

First, Uninstall the version of the Windows Subsystem that you have.

  1. Install Android SDK Platform Tools

Download and Install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your Computer

Extract it to any convenient location on your computer.

You will have the platform-tools folder.

  1. Download Rooted Windows SubSystem for Android

Download the Rooted Windows SubSystem for Android, which suits your architecture. You can check that by following the steps below.

Go to settings

Go to system

Go to about

Check System Type under Device Specification.

After downloading, extract that file to any convenient location. Do not use any space while giving the extraction folder a name.

  1. Download Magisk for Windows 11

Download the Magisk APK 11. Remember, It is different from Magisk used for androids.

Once installed, extract it and copy the magisk.apk from there

Get it transferred to the platform-tools folder on your PC.

  1. Enable Developer Mode in Windows 11

Use the Windows+I shortcut keys to open the Settings menu.

Go to the left menu bar and select the option “Privacy and Security”.

Go to the “Developers section”.

Turn on the toggle next to “Enable Developer Mode”.

You will get confirmation. Click ” Yes”.

  1. Enable the Virtual Machine Platform in Windows 11

Go to the start menu, search for “Turn Windows features on or off” and open it.

Checkmark Virtual Machine Platform and tap OK.

Restart your PC and it will help the changes to take place.

  1. Install Rooted Windows SubSystem for Android

Go to the Start menu and search “Powershell”.

Launch this administrator.

Change the directory to the one where the WSA was extracted.

Execute the command “Add-AppxPackage -Register” after entering the directory where the extracted WSA is present.

  1. Enable Developer Mode in Windows SubSystem for Android

Go to the start menu, search “Windows SubSystem for Android, ” and open it.

Enable the toggle next to Developer Mode.

Click on the arrow next to Files.

The Windows Subsystem for Android will open, and it will also open its own File Explorer, which means the installation is successful.

  1. Establish Wireless ADB Connection

Tap on the Refresh button next to IP Address in the Windows Subsystem for Android.

Next, tap on the Copy button next to the IP address that appears.

Head towards the platform-tools folder, type in CMD in the address bar, and hit Enter to launch the Command Prompt window.

Execute the command ” adb connect IP” in the CMD window replacing the IP keyword with the IP Address you copied earlier.

Remember, for the first few attempts, it can show “error,” but it is not an issue, and after a few attempts, it will show success.

  1. Install Magisk on Windows 11

Execute the ” adb install magisk.apk” command in the CMD window that you opened in the platform-tools folder.

It will only be successful if you’ve already transferred the magisk.apk file to this folder.

Go to the start button and search “Magisk” and open it.

When it asks you  to download a proprietary code, tap

The process is now complete.

  1. Verify that your computer is successfully rooted

It is important to recheck whether your PC is rooted properly or not. To recheck it, follow the steps below.

Head to the Start button and look for the Play Store.

Open it and download the Root Checker app.

Install it.

After it is done, launch the Magisk App.

Go to its “SuperUser tab”.

Enable the toggle next to Root Checker.

Open the Root Checker app and tap on “Verify Root”.

Your computer might be verified as a Pixel device running a random Android build. It can most probably be Pixel 5 running Android 11

After finishing all these steps, you will get a congratulations message that signifies that your PC is rooted successfully.

Ending words

The entire process takes time, and it is important to have patience while doing this. Execute each step carefully to avoid a massacre. Make sure not to skip any step.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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