In this article, we will show you how to gain root access to The Xiaomi POCO M3 using Magisk manager patching the boot image file of the firmware. Before we can root this device the first step, what we need to ensure is that we need to have the bootloader unlocked. We have already written an article that gives a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi devices.

If you do not have an unlocked bootloader yet then go read out our article on “How to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro and Pro Max?”. Now once you have unlocked the bootloader, we need to download the firmware that we are currently running on our device. So, what we’re going to need to do first is to go to this Xiaomi firmware updater website. Open the website and look for the firmware that matches your device name or device code.

We are on the global version of Xiaomi POCO M3 and we just need to confirm that. To confirm the exact firmware of your device, just go to the about page of your device in the settings app and check on the version of MIUI that you are currently running. Make sure that it matches the exact number of firmware that we can download from that website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re downloading the recovery or the fast boot version. For this tutorial we just downloaded the smaller recovery version, specifically, it just needs to match the firmware because we need to download the exact firmware on which our device was and extract the contents of that. In that firmware is the boot image file and we need that boot image file to patch it with Magisk manager. Download that firmware on your desktop and extract the content of the firmware file on your desktop.

Then copy the boot image file on your device that you just extracted from the firmware file you downloaded on your desktop. To patch that boot.img file we need to download and install the Magisk Manager APK. We can download the official version by doing a google search for GitHub Magisk. You should see the first result be for “top john’s GitHub Page”. Just scroll down the web page until we get to the downloads section, tap on the button for Magisk Manager and then download it.

Open it up and install it on your Xiaomi POCO M3. Once you finished installing the Magisk manager on your device, Open the app and from here we are going to patch that boot image file we just copied on our device. Tap on the install button at the top of the Magisk Widget. Tap on install and allow storage access, then we are going to choose the “select and patch a file” option from the first section. Then from here, we need to browse for that boot.img file that we just copied from the firmware file we downloaded.

So just select that boot.img file and then tap the let’s go option at the top. The process will start and you can follow along with the log right there to see what Magisk manager is doing to that boot.img file. We will be looking for where this output file is written which should be right next to that boot.img file. The output file is going to be named magisk_patched_and then some random letters.

When the process will finish, copy that output file from your device to your PC. After you copy that patched_magisk file back onto the PC just boot your Xiaomi POCO M3 into fast boot mode. We have already written articles in which we have discussed how to boot into fast boot mode.

Just power off your phone completely and then press the button combination of the power and the volume down button to boot your device in Fast boot mode. Once we are in fast boot mode, we can connect our phone back to the PC with the USB cable. After that you are going to need to have your Xiaomi POCO M3 connected to your PC with a USB cable, it needs to be in fast boot mode. Make sure that the output file that you just copied from your device to your PC must be in the minimal ADB and Fast boot folder. You need to install minimal adb and fast boot on your PC to continue further and copy the output file in that folder.

To make it simpler just rename the file to a simple name so it can be easy for you to type the file name in the command prompt. We have renamed the file to magisk_patched.img to make it simpler. So, once that file has been renamed and that file is in the same folder as minimal adb and fastboot tools. We are going to open either our command prompt or Windows PowerShell or a terminal.

It doesn’t matter which type of window you use it just needs to be opened in the same folder as our adb and fast boot tools. When you’re ready remember the phone is in fast boot mode and plugged into your PC. Type out the command “fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img” The actual command is “fastboot flash boot” and then type the name of that output file that you just copied from your phone. We rename the file “Magisk_patched.img” so we type that name in the command prompt.

With this command, we are telling that fast boot file to flash aka copy and install the patched image file into the boot partition that’s going to overwrite our default and stock boot.img file with the one that we have patched with Magisk.

When you’re ready, type the command, all you have to do is press enter on the keyboard it will send that boot file or that image file to the phone and tell you the file size. We are going to look for an okay response as we want an ok response and then it’s going to write that image to the boot partition.

You should get an okay message and that’s it.

From here we can either type out “fastboot reboot” and press enter or we can press the power button on the Xiaomi POCO M3 for about 7 to 10 seconds to force the device to reboot. Unplug the USB cable from the device before rebooting it and then reboot the device.

The reboot will boot us back into the android operating system like normal.

That is it! Your device is now rooted.

You can check it by going into the Play Store and downloading a simple root checker app and then verify root access.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issue


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