running apps in the background

Lag in performance and battery drain issue over time is a very common issue of most smartphones. And unfortunately, running apps in the background are said to be responsible for this to some extent. Whenever we launch an app on the Android device, it starts running in the background even though we leave it and move to some other apps. And these always running apps in the background eat a huge amount of battery power and eventually affect the phone’s performance as well.

So, it’s always good to check the running apps in the background very often and close them for good reasons. There are mainly two ways to do so and we have explained both the processes here in details. So, have a read.

Method 1: Through the app view

You will notice a square icon on the home screen of your device. This is the recent application menu in the main screen. However, the icon of recent application menu will differ as per the device. While some phone has it in the square shape, some Android devices will have two 90 degree angle like icon. Just tap on that icon and it will open the list of applications that are running in the background.

You can swipe up from the bottom to get the needed app.

If you want to close a particular app, just tap on that app and swipe it right. That’s it. Also, sometimes an X icon is available under the selected app. You can close the app by tapping on that X icon.

In case you want to close all the running apps in the background, you can tap on the ‘Clear All’ tab available there. However, this is an option and will not work on every Android device.

Method 2: Through the settings menu

running apps in the background

There is another way to close the background running apps. In case, you feel that the first method is not working well for you, then move to the next method.

Open the Settings menu first in your Smartphone.

Next, go to the Application Manager option> App.

Now, go to that All apps button. You need to then scroll up and down to find out the suspected app. Tap on that to open it. Two options are available there, force stop and Uninstall. You need to tap on the Force stop button and it will prevent the app from running in the background now.

So, this is how to check and close running apps in the background.

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