download app in SD card

Phone’s internal memory plays a crucial role in the performance, and when this memory runs out of space, the performance of the phone is highly affected. So, it’s always best to keep the internal memory save for the best performance. Galaxy S5 comes with the SD card slot option. So, if you own a Galaxy S5, the best option is to save everything directly to the SD card. And here in this article we have discussed that how to download app in SD card in the Galaxy S5. So, have a read to know the process.

Galaxy S5 change download location process

The process differs according to the browser you are using. There are mainly two ways for the stock internet browser and the Chrome. Both the processes are discussed here one by one.

How to download app in SD card in Internet browser

The process is very simple.

  • First, launch the stock internet browser.
  • Next, go to Settings > Content settings
  • Now, tap on the option Default storage to select SD card as the default storage.
  • That’s it. From now onwards, all the downloaded apps will be saved to the download folder in the SD card.

download app in SD card

How to download app in SD card in Chrome

When it comes to the Chrome browser, the process is entirely different. For Chrome browser, it will require a third party app.ES File Explorer file manager is the app to use here. This app not just helps to save directly in SD card, but it also helps in managing the file and folder properly.

  • First, download the ES File Explorer file manager from the Play store. Once installed, launch the app for the first time. Tap on the Start Now button after reading all the details available. Tap OK to start using the app finally.
  • Now go to the Settings> Directory settings. Here you can select the download path.
  • Three options will be available to you. Tap on the Download path.
  • Now, tap on the back button a few times till you can see the SD card in the option. Choose SD card to make it the default download location for apps.
  • That’s it. Now, all the downloaded apps will be saved to the download folder in the SD card.

So, this is how to change the default download location of the apps to the SD card on Galaxy S5.


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