Set Up Fitbit Charge 5

Hello readers! Feeling overwhelmed in setting your new Fitbit Charge 5? Well, the instruction manual seems much technical to you. The manual makes you feel to put the Fitbit Band back in the box. Don’t worry; we have rounded up a quick guide to set up Fitbit Charge 5.

For most fitness freaks, this new small brilliant Fitbit charge 5 has proven to be a boon in their lives. It is one of the best fitness trackers on the market nowadays. Before narrowing down, any fitness tracker, let’s go through this quick review about all the features of Fitbit charge 5.

How to get started with Fitbit charge 5?

For setting up your Fitbit charge 5, you have to download the Fitbit app. You can download the Fitbit app for free on iOS and Android.

Don’t forget to install the Fitbit app from the Play Store or Apple Store to get started with Fitbit charge 5.

Fitbit app for Android

Fitbit app for iOS

Also, Fitbit charge 5 must be charged to run the process without any interruption. You will get a magnetic charger with the Fitbit charge 5 and when the charger is connected, you will feel a slight vibration. The display screen of Fitbit will also show charging.

Steps to set up Fitbit charge 5

Login into your Fitbit app from your smartphone or tablet.

Note: If you are a new user of Fitbit charge 5 you have to set up your name, age, height, and weight.

Then, click on set up a device on the Fitbit app.

In the Fitbit models, search for charge 5. After getting the charge 5 option, select set up to start the process.

After accepting the Fitbit terms and conditions, move to the next step.

Finally, you will be prompted to connect your Fitbit charge 5 to its magnetic charger. The moment the Fitbit app detects that it is connected to the charger, it will automatically move to the next step.

After that, a four-digit code will appear on Fitbit charge 5 that you have to input in your Fitbit app. Then, pair the Fitbit charge 5 with the app via Bluetooth.

Note: Your mobile Bluetooth must be on.

Now, you might be asked to update your Fitbit software. Select update now, and then let your Fitbit update. Be sure to keep your phone or tablet near Fitbit.

Then, you will see some instructions showing how to use or wear your Fitbit. It’s your choice to skip or read the instructions.

In the last step, you can set up a Fitbit premium that includes a 6-month premium trial, which helps you explore the different features of Fitbit charge 5.

Now, your Fitbit charge 5 is ready to track your fitness goals. Don’t forget to add a fitness level to your Fitbit charge 5.

Fitbit charge 5 is getting trouble in set up

Sometimes you find it difficult to set up your Fitbit charge 5. In this case, you must check your charger. It might be that the charger is not connected properly; when you connect the charger to Fitbit charge 5, it should vibrate slightly, and an icon of charging should appear on the Fitbit charge 5 display.

How to use Fitbit to track your fitness?

Using Fitbit is quite easy. You just have to swipe and tap the touch screen to get started with it.

To return to the home screen, double-tap on the screen, you will return to the home screen of the Fitbit.

When you swipe side to side, you can see the notification, set a timer, perform an EDA scan, start your workout, measure heart rate with ECG (with Fitbit premium), etc.

By swiping up from the home screen, you can check your daily workout routine, heart rate, and sleep score.

By swiping down from the home screen, you can see settings of Fitbit pay, sleep mode, screen wake, and more settings options.


Fitbit charge 5 is a must-have fitness tracker device, with easy use and comfort settings that allow anyone to track their fitness level.

If you haven’t bought this exclusive fitness band, buy it on Amazon, I promise you will not regret it!

Hope this quick guide on setting up Fitbit charge 5 will be useful for you.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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