autoplay videos in chrome windows

Autoplaying video is annoying and several websites consider playing it as you open their homepage. While some videos stick to one corner in a small window, others take up more than half the page. If you too are not comfortable with this feature and would like to stop autoplay videos in chrome windows, read through this article to learn how you could do it.

After its update, Chrome has already blocked autoplay videos on several websites. However, most websites continue to have this feature. Earlier autoplay could be easily stopped through chrome flags.

Stop Autoplay in Older Chrome Version 70

Autoplaying videos could be stopped easily through the chrome flags earlier in the chrome 70 version. However, after Google chrome received an update, the feature has been removed. The chrome 76. version doesn’t have the ‘Autoplay Policy’ flag. Only the users that are using the chrome 70 version can turn off the autoplaying videos feature:

In your chrome bar type chrome://flags/

In the Search bar type Autoplay Policy – it would have been set to Default

Click on the drop-down menu and from here, select ‘Document User Activation is Required’. This option blocks autoplay, till you don’t interact with the web page.

Most of us have updated versions of chrome and with the Autoplay Policy removed, we definitely find the videos to be bothersome. There is no direct procedure to disable the autoplaying videos on chrome.

autoplay videos in chrome windows

Mute the Site

Website developers configure this feature on their respective sites. What you can do alternatively is mute the site so that it doesn’t disturb you while you are browsing or interacting with the site.

  • Go to the tab that is autoplaying the video and right-click on it
  • From the options that you get click on ‘Mute Site’

Doing this will not stop the video from playing, but it will mute it and whenever you open that specific website, it continues to stay mute till you Unmute it by following the same process.

Block Sites from Running Flash

Most videos or ads that are played are usually through flash. Blocking the feature can actually stop some small ads or videos that run with flash.

Click on the three vertical dots on the chrome

Click on Settings

Expand the Advanced Menu

Go to Site Settings

Flash – enable ‘Block sites from running flash’

Download and Ad Blocker to Your Chrome

If you are still bothered with the video playing in the corner, then the only way to tackle the issue is to download an ad blocker such as AdBlock, which is meant for chrome and add it to your browser. An ad-blocking extension would do the job and stop the videos from playing.

Most websites along with social websites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. have options for the users to turn off the autoplaying videos options from their settings. For websites others than them you may follow these mentioned steps above to stop autoplay videos in chrome windows.


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