Google has updated the complete user interface of Gmail to give it a modern look. The UI of Gmail now looks updated and matches the UI and color scheme of Google’s other services. Gmail is among those services that many users use daily and is the most popular email service out there.

The new design recently rolled out to almost all Gmail users and there is a solid chance that you also get the new design. However, there is a pretty solid chance that you are among those users who don’t like the new design and would want to stick with the old design as your eyes are used to seeing the old design. So as of now, there is a setting through which you can roll over to the old Gmail account.

It is unclear as of now, whether this setting will remain forever or it is a limited-time offer from Google. However, you can switch back to your old Gmail account in a few seconds with a few clicks. It is not a hectic task to do.

When you open your Gmail account you will most probably see the new design and color scheme. Now you will see light blue color shades on the whole Gmail page instead of the white color found in the old UI. All the text on the tabs is now blue instead of Red and there is a thick compose button on the left side with a blue shading on it. Use the new design for a few days and if you like it then keep the design but if you don’t like the new design then follow the steps below to switch back to the old design.

Open Gmail on the web.

Log in to your Google account.

Click on the gear icon at the top right side

You will see the option “Go back to original view”.

Click on that option and you will be redirected to the old Gmail design.

The service will ask you to give feedback that why you want to go back to the old view. You can leave the feedback box blank and click on reload button.

You can always move to the new design if ever you want to test the new design by repeating the same steps.

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