Signal Messenger saw a huge surge in user base this year as more and more users join the app. The main reason for an increased number of users this year is due to the WhatsApp controversial privacy policy.

Users who joined the app after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy are those who prefer privacy and data protection as Signal offers both.

However, Signal is not as feature-rich as other messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. There are still many features that are missing from the privacy focus instant messaging app.

Although there are some features in the app which many users are not aware of. These features might be important or useful for some users.

Just like WhatsApp, Signal also offers a feature to unsend a message which is missing from some popular apps like Apple iMessage. Many iMessage users start using WhatsApp or Signal due to this feature.

If you are using Signal Messenger then in this article we will tell you how to unsend messages from the app if you accidentally send someone an inappropriate message or want to edit some sent message.

How to unsend messages in Signal?

It is important that you are on the latest version of the Signal Messenger App. So first update your app if any update is available as the unsend message feature might not be available on the older versions of the app.

Next up, open the app on your device.

Tap on the chat whose message you want to unsend and navigate that message you want to unsend.

Long Press that message until you will see more options appear on the screen.

Tap the “Trash” icon or “delete” icon from the options that appear on the screen.

Then tap on “Delete for everyone” to delete that message or you can say to unsend the message.

That is all you need to unsend the message if you accidentally send it to someone or you send an inappropriate message.

Just like WhatsApp, Signal will also display the text “This message was deleted” indicating that the sender has deleted the message. However, the recipient can still read the message from the notification tray if he hasn’t opened the notification.

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