Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

In this article, we will tell you “How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Macro Mode Shot Feature?”. Samsung released its S series devices a month earlier this year. And within no time it gained huge popularity worldwide. 

As these are Samsung’s “S” series devices, we already know that they are the best in every aspect. According to the latest reports, these devices sell like a hot cake especially the most premium model, the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

Among all the features, one thing that the company highlights the most is its camera features. The South Korean smartphone maker has invested a lot in its camera department and as a result, the S 21 series cameras produce great results.

With all the great camera features they marketed and advertised very extensively is the new Macro shot in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is not a feature that can be easily found in the camera application.

If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, we will show you how you can find the Macro mode in the Camera app. Keep one thing in mind that this feature is very limited and will be enabled under certain conditions. So, Let’s get started.

This feature is not included in their array of actual features that you can pick from even though they are directly advertising it.

So the camera application will only switch into macro mode whenever the 1x optical zoom is selected. If you are using the camera on the wide-angle lens then it will not trigger the macro mode. Similarly, if you are on the 3x or even on 10x optical zoom, this option again will no longer trigger. You need to have it on the 1x option to enable the macro mode. This feature is only limited to the 1x optical zoom option.

When you have it on the 1x optical zoom, you are likely going to see a couple of extra buttons down here at the bottom along with the zoom options. These extra buttons are on the bottom left and bottom right corner of the camera application.

After you have switched over the 1x option, you are going to bring your object closer to the lens. Because at a certain distance, Samsung enables its macro mode. By default, if you are not focused on something that is close to the camera lens then this option will not be enabled even if you’re on 1x zoom. We are not exactly sure what distance is required for the macro shots in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra but it’s more than a few inches.

You are going to see this focus option come here at the bottom left, the focus enhancer. Now if you want, you can disable it by just tapping on it.

But if you are wanting to take macro shots you need this option enabled and again you are going to want to look for these yellow dots in the bottom left and right corner. These yellow dots will confirm that you are currently in the macro mode.

On 1x zoom, it will automatically enable when you place the focused object close to the camera lens. If you do not see the yellow dots at the bottom left and right corner that means you are not currently in macro mode. You need to first switch over to 1x zoom and then bring the focused object close to the camera lens. Then the two yellow dots will appear at the bottom.

Once that happens, it doesn’t matter if your scene optimizer option is on or off. We are just looking at the bottom left corner making sure that the two yellow dots are there. And then whenever we take a photo we are using the new macro mode on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

You can learn more about the specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series from the link.

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