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WhatsApp view once feature is finally rolling out to the users globally. View Once option is truly inspired by Snapchat and is available for both iOS and Android mobile apps.

Despite having disappearing messages on the app, WhatsApp also added View Once option. Disappearing messages in the app will have a time limit of seven days, the view once features for photos and videos can be allowed media to be viewed only once.

How to use WhatsApp View Once Feature:

This feature is available to both Android and iOS users globally. The feature is for the individual chats as well as for the group chats so everyone can benefit from this feature.

This article will tell you the step-by-step guide to use this feature as it is available for all iOS and Android users globally.

Open the chat to which you want to send the view once pictures.

Click on the Camera icon to take a picture or to choose a picture or video from the gallery.

Now, as you capture or select the picture or video from the gallery, you will see a new icon on the caption bar. The new icon is a half-doted circle with “1” mentioned inside the half-doted circle. Tap on that “1” in the half-doted circular icon to enable that option.

WhatsApp View Once

Once you enabled that option, tap on the send now button to send the photo or video with a View Once feature.

Once the recipient views that media file, it will disappear from the chat and cannot be viewed again. If this feature seems familiar then you are right, as mentioned before it is truly inspired by Snapchat.

Users can use this option if they want to send a picture or video and want them to view it only once. But if the recipient takes the screenshot of the picture then the sender can do anything.

To learn more about this feature, users can visit the WhatsApp official website.

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