Wipe cache partition

The storage place of system files of an Android device is referred to as the cache partition. The cache directory is where the cache partition is stored. The system cache partition should not be confused with individual app cache – both are quite different. System cache partition data mostly comprises system updates. It is only wise that you wipe cache partition to remove outdated data or files for your mobile’s flawless functioning. Here is how to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy S21.

Steps to Wipe Cache Partition of Samsung Galaxy S21:

First, Power off or Turn off Samsung Galaxy S21

Now, hold the Volume Up and Power Key together for a few seconds.

As the Samsung logo appears on the screen, let go of the buttons and wait for the device to enter into the Recovery Mode.

Select the Wipe Cache Partition option using the Volume Down and use the Power Key to make your selection.

The device will prompt for confirmation. You will get an option to select ‘Yes’. Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option and then use the Power Key once again to confirm the selection.

Once the cache partition has been wiped, use the Power button to reboot the device.

Restarting the phone after wiping the cache partition may take a bit longer than usual, but it is not something unusual. Once the cache partition has been wiped and restarted, your S21 would find the phone functioning better than before.

Remember – Wiping cache partition from your device will not delete any data or applications, or settings from your smartphone. It is only the junk that will be cleared from your device and help solve several issues, including:

  • Slow performing applications
  • Random failures or errors that you may have been experiencing lately
  • Black Screen of Death
  • Lag in the User Interface

Why Should You Clear Cache of an App?

Clearing the cache of an app is mainly done to free some storage which tends to impact the device’s performance. The main reason for a buggy app or one that crashes or fails to start is probably because of a wrong update, complex software, previously corrupted cache files, or untested server-sider changes. Poorly sandboxed apps or ones that are crudely written apps may also be one reason for the problems they are causing. Such apps are also a threat to the device’s security, and if it holds sensitive and important personal data, it may not be safe.

How to Clear Cache of an App

Every app that is downloaded in a device tends to download files for quick opening of various features or their functioning. Clearing cache reduces the load times and improves the overall experience of the app. However, clearing the cache frequently is not advisable. It must be done sparingly, especially when you find the app running slow or performing erroneously. Here is how you can clear the cache of an app on S21.

Steps to Clear Cache App

Go to Settings of Samsung Galaxy S21

Next, Go to Applications

Locate the app for which you wish to clear the cache and click on it

You will be prompted with options. You must find Storage and click on it

On the Storage screen, you will find the option of Clear Cache towards the bottom right of the screen

Click on it to clear the cache of that specific app

Once done exit the screen, you will have cleared the cache of that app

You can repeat the same steps for all the apps you find troublesome and wish to clear their cache.


Clearing cache is just a temporary fix for the system and the app because the storage will begin to store files immediately after you have cleared it. Clearing it too often tends to become a meaningless activity because it fails to serve the purpose of improved load times of the device that is being used. Therefore, you must remember to clear the system or the app only when required.

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