With limited space on our HTC One M9, we’re going to need to delete some Nandroid backups every now and then and today’s tutorial will show you how that is done.

Just like with every computer that holds important data, you’re going to want to create regular backups. This could be daily, weekly or even monthly but you should definitely get into the habit of creating backups because you never know when you might need to do a restore.

The thing is, backups can take up a lot of storage and it is generally difficult to keep more than 2-3 on your device at any given time. This is why you need to know how to delete your Nandroid backups.

The process to delete those backups isn’t really straight forward and that is the point of today’s tutorial. I always recommend that you keep at least 2 backups on hand at any given time. The reason behind this is because a backup can become corrupt from time to time. So, once you already have two Nandroid backups created for the HTC One M9, you can start to rotate the oldest one out before you create your new one. This will give you two chances to restore your HTC One M9 in case you ever need to. Just like with creating backups, it’s better to be safe than sorry and you can even keep them stored onto your PC after you create them.


As with all of these Nandroid related tutorials for this device, you are going to need to have a custom recovery installed on the HTC One M9. As soon as you have a custom recovery installed you should instantly create your first HTC One M9 Nandroid backup. I like to always have an original created just in case I ever want to go back to stock(if I am flashing custom ROMs and such). So let’s look at the steps for how we can delete a Nandroid backup.

HTC One M9 Delete Nandroid Backup

  1. Boot the HTC One M9 into Recovery Mode
    Tap on the ‘Restore’ Option
    Tap on the Nandroid Backup That You Want to Delete
    Look in the Middle of the Screen, Toward the Right
    Tap on the ‘Delete Backup’ Button That You See
    When Ready, Swipe the Blue Arrow at the Bottom, All the Way to the Right
    Wait Until the Backup is Deleted
    Then Tap on the Home Button at the Very Bottom
    Tap on the ‘Reboot’ Option
    And Finally tap on the ‘System’ Option


I’m not sure why deleting a Nandroid backup isn’t more straight forward but thankfully it isn’t too hard to find out how to do it. To start off, you’re going to need to boot the HTC One M9 into its Recovery Mode. The custom recovery you should have installed is TWRP since that is the one we covered in the previous tutorials. Once you are at the TWRP main menu, go ahead and tap on the ‘Restore’ option that you see.

Now, you’re going to need to look in the middle of the screen, a little toward the right and you should see a button that says ‘Delete Backup’. You want to tap on this button if you are trying to delete this backup. After tapping on this button you will see a blue arrow appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe this blue arrow all the way to the right and it will delete the backup you just tapped on.

From here, you can tap on the Home button that you see at the bottom of the screen and then you can do anything you would like. After I delete a backup I go ahead and create a new one. So if you would like, you can follow the tutorial about that here. Or you can tap on the ‘Reboot’ option and then tap on ‘System’ to have your HTC One M9 reboot directly into the regular Android OS. This will take you through the boot animation and then you’ll see the lock screen as you usually do.


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