HTC’s new Download Mode is needed to root and install a custom recovery so today’s tutorial will show you how to boot into the HTC One M9 download mode.

If there are any previous HTC customers reading this, you will notice that the way to get into Download Mode for the M9 is the same way to get into Fastboot Mode from previous devices. The process is the same but the menu looks different and the options within this menu are different as well. After we have unlocked the bootloader of the HTC One M9 we can then root it and install a custom recovery.

Be aware that at this time, there’s no way to do this on HTC One M9 devices with a locked bootloader. If this changes in the future I will be sure to update those tutorials when I am made aware. Feel free to contact me via the comments or an email if you know of a way to bypass the bootloader on locked M9s. So, let’s focus on our HTC One M9 and see how we can boot it up into its Download Mode.

HTC One M9 Download Mode

  1. Launch the Settings Application
  2. Locate and Tap on the ‘Power’ Option
  3. Locate the ‘Fast Boot’ Option and Make Sure it is Not Checked
  4. Then You Can Power Off the HTC One M9
  5. With the HTC One M9 Off, Press and HOld the Power and Volume Down Buttons at the Same Time
  6. Continue Holding These Two Buttons For a Few Seconds
  7. When the Download Mode Menu Appears, Let Go of Those Buttons


As I mentioned, this is the same process as I showed in the tutorial about how to boot the HTC One M9 into fastboot mode. That is because HTC has simply replaced the fastboot mode with the download mode. So, before you can do anything here you will need to disable the Fast Boot feature from within the Settings application on the HTC One M9. You can enable this feature again after you are done with the download mode so remember to do this if you like that feature.

Once that feature has been disabled, then powering down your M9 will actually power it off instead of going into a deep sleep type mode. With the M9 off, you need to press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down buttons at the same time. Continue holding these two buttons until you see the Download Mode menu appear. From here, you can issue commands with ADB and Fastboot, you can factory reset and you can do some other things that you’ll see in this menu. You also navigate though this menu like any other recovery mode where you use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to highlight a menu option. Then you select the highlighted menu option by pressing the Power button.

If you don’t know what these things do, I would advise you to avoid them unless instructed to do so. Just like with a hidden menu from within Android, going into places that you aren’t familiar with and tweaking with the settings can cause some damage and require you to factory reset or even manually flash a firmware to get a working HTC One M9 again. So please be careful.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, or maybe if you ran into an error that isn’t talked about here, please be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page to let me know. I might not be able to recreate the bug you are experiencing but I will do my best to research a solution with you.


  1. so my phone crashed.. it wouldnt turn back on for 20 mins and when it did i am faced with htc download mode screen.. i have no idea whats happened and what to press to get back to my phone.. please help

  2. hello I brought a phone already factory reset but it has a gmail account on it I am currently on reboot recovery, what are my next steps to remove this account!!!! PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE help I have also downloaded the fastboot but it said the adb wasn’t installed properly

  3. Hi, I don’t see an option under power in my settings that allows me to check or uncheck download mode/fast boot. Is there another step I’m missing? I really need help please from anyone who knows.

  4. I have a slight problem, my power button doesn’t work and I accidently let the phone die! I looked at a few sites to get the phone started up and one was to press volume buttons, so that is what I’ve done this morning, and now I have this menu but can’t select anything due to the power button not working! HELP!

  5. This helped so much. Thank you. I didn’t know what to do somi googled and you came up. This is great thank you so much!

  6. im trying to unlock my bootloader i’m following the directions on the HTCDev site… however when i get into download mode, there is no “bootloader” option… only to reboot to bootloader (which isn’t what they call for in their instructions) also, there isn’t an option in my Power menu in settings to disable fastboot….
    any help is a huge help… i want to root this and really get into what this phone can do


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