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For those of you who might be wondering what instagram is regardless of this day and age we live in.

Instagram is listed as one of the top super popular social media applications available on a wide range of devices. Due to the many user accounts or social profiles (influencers, businesses, instagrammers etc) to follow it can sometimes be quite overwhelming for some, this is why some persons or social users / user profiles will choose to temporarily deactivate their instagram user account or have it deleted it for good.

According to Instagram itself, it is a free video and photo sharing application available on iOS, Android OS and of course The Windows operating system. Instagram users can upload videos or photos on Instagram and share them with their set of followers or with a select group of friends. Instagram users can also like, view and comment on posts shared by their friends on Instagram. Instagram registration policy states that persons 13 and older can create an account by registering an email address and coming up with a suitable available username.

Some of you might be wondering what this username Instagrammer actually is and I can offer a few suggestions on it. So here is my take on it:

“For those of you who are seeing the username “Instagrammer” it is usually an account that has been (temporarily) disabled. Based on my previous experiences if it is an account that is permanently deleted it would either vanish, or a username that doesn’t make sense would substitute the username of said account. If your blocked by someone, you can actually still see their name only in your profile Direct Messaging (DM) until you delete the chat or convo between you both, but please bear in mind that you can no longer search up via their username caused you’ve been blocked and also you will be automatically unfollowed if you try to follow them back.”

Simply put, they must have done one of the three below:

They have deleted the account.
They have temporarily disabled the account.
Instagram has deleted they’re account for breaking their (Instagram) terms of service.
So it is possible they might not have blocked you on this basis…


One day you just clicked into your Instagram direct messaging chat box and you see an account named Instagrammer.

Unfortunately, clicking on the account, shows or displays nothing.

So this might cause you to start wondering… Ok.. “Instagrammer” and the profile is blank.

What the username “Instagrammer” actually means:

Simply put it refers to people who use Instagram.

If you have direct messaged another person in the past and their account has been deactivated, you’re most likely going to see the username Instagrammer instead of their original instagram username.

However when their user account goes back live again, the username Instagrammer changes and reverts to their original instagram username.

I am seeing Instagrammer in my direct messaging does this mean that someone has blocked me or deactivated their Account?

When you see the username Instagrammer in your direct messaging chat inbox, it simply means that the person has temporarily disabled their instagram account.

Temporarily disabling your instagram account means that if you temporarily disable your account, your profile, photos, comments and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in on instagram again.

Due to disabling your instagram user account, your username might be replaced to Instagrammer as explained above and this is what other instagram users will see.

So if your seeing the username Instagrammer, it is also a possibility that your not blocked by that certain someone.

Whenever an instagram user deletes their instagram account, all their user data is wiped, deleted or removed from Instagram, so on this basis, you will not see their instagram username or profile from anywhere because their digital footprint on the social media platform has been removed.

I believe that is everything you need to know about the word Instagrammer and seeing username instagrammer. Please if you have anything to ask or suggest, please comment down below in the comment field and if you really do like this article, don’t hesitate to share it.

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  1. Hey! My account has been disabled by instagram but there’s my username on the top and instagrammer as the sub, is it permanently deleted, or just temporarily disabled by instagram?

    • Wow, it’s the first am hearing of a case like this. I am assuming it is permanently disabled depending on the breach that was made why Instagram closed the account.

  2. Hi, my bf appears to have deleted/deactivated his Instagram account I think!?…or am I blocked!?. I noticed this days ago. On going to my private messages, our conversation had totally disappeared. I searched his profile and at first I could still see his name and photo, but it said no posts, later I could only see a banner saying something like user not found, no photo or name etc. Then I noticed on the messages, the conversation reappeared but said instagrammer, no photo!. And for days now it has said that and though at first his comments disappeared from my posts, I can se them now but it’s says instagrammer has commented!. I can go to recent notifications and see his user name (which also disappeared days ago along with the direct messages then reappeared) and click on his username and it takes me to the page saying no posts, no pic or name etc. Then tonight I had a quick look and couldn’t see anything, then I could see his username reappear in the list of private messages, also his photo. When I clicked on the profile, I could see his name, username, profile photo and that he had so many posts, but couldn’t see how many followers/following, also couldn’t see any of his posts, it just said no posts yet. Then moments later I make have refreshed on my iPhone and it went back to instagrammer and like the profile doesn’t exist. What is going on?. I hope he hasn’t blocked me (with me not been able to see the posts/followers etc) and then deactivated, been back on briefly today then deactivated again I’m guessing. Or when a profile is recently deactivated, are servers having problems etc and sort of confused!? Hence why the profile pic and name suddenly reappear then disappear etc!?. Other day when he many have first deactivated, my friend who had never followed him etc searches him and couldn’t see his profile and pic but it said not available or no user or sketching. Her husband who’s never met him or searched him tried to find him, he cosine find his profile at all. My friend said something about her cookies and maybe she found his profile because she had searched for him before!. Also I’ve gone on google along logged in and search his account and not found it. It’s a private account and so is mine. I’ve websearched without signing in my account and found my profile fine. Things are great between us, so I can’t see why he’d block me. He hardly uses Instagram anyway, barely any posts are followers etc. Could it just be a sort of blip on Instagram, hence why his profile shows nothing and he’s called Instagrammer, next things pic and his name, then back to Instagrammer and no pic etc!!?. Thanks.

    • It could either be:

      1.) He is deactivating and re-deactivating his account.
      2.) Instagram themselves has deactivated his account and somehow it has been re-activated again.
      3.) He is blocking and unblocking you or others you may know(maybe).

  3. my account got disabled? when someone send me my Profile it says Instagrammer and everything blank so what happend to my acc?


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