Knock On and Knock Off on the LG G5 is also known as Double Tap to Wake and Sleep, and today I’m gonna show you how this works on the LG G5.

You might be wondering why I’m doing a tip for a simple task like double tapping your finger on the screen. I thought about not doing it but then changed my mind for a couple of reasons. Mainly it’s because LG hasn’t been advertising this feature like they have on previous LG devices. In fact, the company removed the feature toggle from the settings menu entirely.

There’s also a little trick that will let you activate double tap to sleep no matter what application you have open.

These tips and tutorial articles are mainly to teach people the ins and outs of their new smartphone. I do like to toss in some more difficult root tutorials and guides as well. Sadly, there isn’t a root solution available for the AT&T LG G5, so I can’t demonstrate that just yet. Still, people are using LG G3s and LG G4s and have no idea what the Knock On or Knock Off feature is. So I hope this will inform new customers of the LG G5 that the feature is there, and then help to teach an extra little tip for people who already know about the feature.

LG G5 Double Tap to Sleep

  1. Either Quickly Tap Twice on an Empty Space in the Home Screen
  2. or. . .
  3. Quick Tap Twice on the Status Bar at the Top

LG G5 Double Tap to Wake

  1. Quick Tap Twice on the Screen While the LG G5 is Locked


So as you can see, the general idea of using this feature is really easy. All you have to do is quickly double tap on the screen to turn the display on or off. There are only a few areas of the screen where this will work though. If you’re on the home screen of the LG G5, this feature will work anywhere there is an empty space. This is because if you double tap on an app icon, then it will simply launch the app.

You can also use this feature on the lock screen (it will put the LG G5 to sleep), which is great if you just wanted to check on your notifications. But again, you have to double tap on an empty spot of the lock screen because tapping on a notification card will take you to that app. Lastly, this double tap to sleep feature can also be used from anywhere. . .even when you’re not at the home screen. However, the only way to put the device to sleep while you’re inside another app is to quickly double tap on the status bar at the top of the screen.

Some people aren’t too happy with how LG implemented the fingerprint scanner and the home button. Some don’t like touching the home button and it instantly unlocking the device because it registered your fingerprint. Some people just want to check the notifications on the lock screen and naturally they go to press the power button to view it. For those who are aggravated with this, you should be happy to hear that you can simply double tap the screen (when the LG G5 is locked and asleep), and it will turn the display on so you can see the lock screen and its notifications.


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