military documentaries on Netflix

With how the world is turning digital, there is no denying fact that Netflix is has become the pioneer in the entertainment business with more than 109 million subscribers around the world. Currently, Netflix has a lot of titles which also includes original shows that you can browse and choose from. We happen to fight and get confused when it comes to picking something to watch on Netflix. But no more. Here, I have got you some of the best military documentaries on Netflix for you to gorge on. If you are one of the lovers of military documentaries, then you are going to love it.

military documentaries on Netflix

Notwithstanding the best endeavors of craftsmen of different kinds, the experience of wartime stays a troublesome subject to catch. To experience something more progressively instinctive why not binge on some of the best known military documentaries which showcase the action, horror, bravery, love and unbinding reality of war.  

Military documentaries provide a way to get enriched with knowledge regardless of the fact of how overwhelming they are. It’s good to know the history the world has gone through. The documentaries mentioned below give you an insight into some accurate information of how and things took place years ago.

Military documentaries serve media to see the reality of the world giving you a full understanding of the events and conditions during the war. Let’s find out the best one for you to watch on Netflix.

Military documentaries on Netflix

San Pietro 

military documentaries on Netflix

San Pietro is just another World War II documentary that was released during the war years. The documentary recounts the tale of American and associated fighters attacking Italy. The documentary showcases the land combat.

The documentary also showcases the dead soldiers and images of bodies being wrapped in mattress covers to which the military objected to the realism of what director John Huston portrayed. This military documentary is 30 minutes long which makes it easier to binge on and is also known to be one of the best military documentaries on Netflix.

Hiroshima: The Real History 

military documentaries on Netflix

This military documentary discusses the depths of the 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb. The movie has been narrated by the actor John sessions. The documentary discusses all of the events, politics, and other elements that prompted the United States’ definitive choice to release one of the most ruinous weapons ever.

After the controversial bombing, Hiroshima suffered some after-effects. This military documentary unleashes all the historic timeline o the ever-lasting effects on Hiroshima after the destructive bombing.  

The Battle of Midway 

military documentaries on Netflix

The battle of midway is one of the best known military documentaries on Netflix. Despite being 18 minutes long, the documentaries well portrayed one of the war’s famous battles.

The documentaries were to portrait the routine life of remote military base the tables turned around soon.

The cameras were so near the activity you can see the power of the counter airplane take the film out of the sprockets, which unintentionally made a trial technique for film making. The documentary did not have any narration.

Five came back 

military documentaries on Netflix

Five came back is a three-part Netflix original military documentary. The filmmakers of this military documentary went overseas to cover it and create a film I support of the war effort. The five acclaimed filmmakers namely, Frank Capra, John Ford, George Stevens, William Wyler, and John Huston served in World War II.

The documentary showcases their service in World War II and features the highlights of the documentaries along with the narrative arrangement of how much exertion these movies played in the war effort.

The narratives are told by renowned filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Lawrence Kasdan, Francis Ford Coppola, and Paul Greengrass, while the arrangement is coordinated by Laurent Bouzereau.

Last Days in Vietnam 

military documentaries on Netflix

This PBS narrative, coordinated by Rory Kennedy, shows the battles of the American military as they attempted to clear the North, as the opposing powers shut-in.

Last Days in Vietnam tells the story of the American withdrawal from the Vietnam War in April 1975. Of the considerable number of narratives on Netflix, this is truly outstanding.

Notwithstanding attempting to clear 5,000 American troopers, the U.S. Military additionally attempted to safeguard countless South Vietnamese warriors.

Why we fight: The Battle of Russia 

The film is one of the greatest American propaganda ever release. It is an American plea to get the Russians to help their war effort in defeating the Nazis.

The film begins by showcasing how ground-breaking Russia and the Soviet Union has consistently been, from the thirteenth century through the Russian Revolution after the principal World War.

Frank Capra clarifies how Russia is an entirely alluring area for the Nazis to endeavor to overcome, and that the Soviets need the Americans similarly as gravely as the Americans need the Soviets.

Civil Wars

Civil War narrative is amazing and outstanding amongst other military narratives on Netflix. This nine-section series is 11 and a half hours long. The story of Civil wars has been described thoroughly with every colossal detail.

This Civil Wars series took around five years to make and is applauded for being the best Civil War documentary delivered so far.

This military documentary describes in-depth in this anti-war film and expresses that if we don’t gain from our terrible past, we will always be unable to push ahead as a nation.


Undercover is a 1943 Office of Strategic Services training film and stands out to be among one of the best known military documentaries on Netflix. This documentary was produced by an intelligence service to train its agents and was directed by none other than John Ford.

Despite being an educational narrative, John Ford used his creativity very well. Even though the movie is made for soldiers, but it is still a good documentary that anyone can watch if you and to get an insight into the history of war.

The documentary-like this one is made to improve the morale of the war effort at home and abroad. This documentary gives soldiers good and bad approaches to deal with themselves in the field.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly 

military documentaries on Netflix

In Little Dieter Needs to Fly, recounts to the enthusiastic story of Dieter Dengler, a Special Forces pilot who was shot down over Laos and abducted during the Vietnam War.

Werner Herzog, reveals Dieter Dengler’s whole story for what it resembled being held hostage for a considerable length of time, his weight dropping to 85 pounds, and his shoeless getaway.

The film takes the watcher to the spots Dengler was killed and held hostage and reproduced the absolute most enthusiastic minutes for the camera making this a standout amongst other military documentaries on Netflix.

Dengler additionally describes what life resembles now, living with all the recollections of his bondage and his break, which included enduring rainstorm, parasites, and townspeople that endeavored to execute him.

Prelude to War (1942) 

military documentaries on Netflix

Preface to War is a film that remains as the official World War II government film. It fills in as an explanation that characterizes the various foes of the Allies.

It likewise discusses the inspirations and purposes for why they should be vanquished. This film is in the public domain and it was commanded that the Prelude of war is socially huge and must be protected.

Gallipoli (2005) 

military documentaries on Netflix

This narrative shows World War One fight between Britain and Turkey. It utilizes genuine journals and different materials of authentic importance to achieve a precise and near and dear itemizing of the records. Viewpoints are shared through the perspective of various specialists. It is described and shows verifiably exact symbolism.

Dirty Wars 

military documentaries on Netflix

This military documentary showcases the hidden truth behind the American Special Forces which are one of the most secretive forces.

The soldiers don’t show up on any official rundown of government workers and it is impossible that they ever will be called to affirm in any way, let alone in a court. Writer Jeremy Scahill is maneuvered into a startling excursion as he finds the growing incognito wars.

These soldiers hold huge force and are advised to “find, fix, and finish” any target they’re assigned paying little mind to what their identity is, the place they are, and the circumstance.

This military documentary was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best documentary feature in 2014, which makes it deserving of being a standout amongst other military narratives on Netflix.

The War 

military documentaries on Netflix

No curve balls here but Ken Burns dived into how what was going on abroad was influencing those still in the states instead of specifying the detailed description of the events that took place on World War II.

The war is a seven-part series. Every series consists of a detailed description of a different period of war and its outcomes back at home for the American individuals.

Medal of Honor 

Every focal figure has earned a Medal of Honor from the United States military. As a method for paying tribute to these legends, the narrative takes their accounts, re-institutes them, and incorporates meetings to make a durable story.

This military documentary Award of Honor is one of the most impressive and moving narratives on Netflix at present. This compilation style docuseries takes another contention and new cast of people on for every scene.

Last Men in Aleppo 

The last men in Aleppo was nominated for an Oscar for being one of the best documentary which focuses on the Syrian Civil War and the White Helmets, a volunteer association made up of ordinary residents.

The film revolves around three of the association’s originators—Khaled, Subhi, and Mahmoud. The trio talk about the fear and mercilessness they have seen in the war-torn regions in their nation, and what they’re attempting to do to help give alleviation to those trapped in the crossfire.

The documentary also discusses how the White Helmets run into the face of danger to give a clinical guide, rescue residents, and clear networks in risky combat areas.


military documentaries on Netflix

This narrative discussion about the CIA ramble war. These points of view offer significant data concerning the Drone war in Pakistan. It additionally offers one of a kind understanding into the way that Drone Warfare works.

This military documentary won 6 awards and was nominated for two other awards as well.

Above and beyond (2014) 

Well beyond is a narrative that annals the year 1948. It follows a gathering of World War II pilots who elected to help battle with the Israeli armed force during the War of Independence. This show accounts for their lives and associations with each other.

Above and Beyond was the champ of the “Crowd Winner: Best Documentary Feature” grant at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival in 2015.

Wrapping Up 

The best military documentaries on Netflix listed above envelop stories of each war from the Second World War up to Afghanistan. I hope you find these military documentaries interesting.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have watched any of them earlier and which ones your favorites.

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