Moto Z 2017 Appears To Be?

The flagship will probably still rely on a design similar to its predecessor in order to continue to be able to continue the existence of MotoMods.

When Lenovo presented a unique breakthrough Moto Z that offered modular features last year, the public was stunned because it had more functions than just a smart phone. For example adding other device functions such as projectors, external speakers, to additional cameras with optical zoom capabilities. This opportunity will certainly not be wasted by Lenovo, so the great potential of the successor to the Moto Z is being prepared.

At the end of February at the MWC 2017, it seems that not many people are aware that Lenovo has actually given a little teaser for the latest Moto Z. While launching a new MotoMods innovation line, they at a glance implicitly display the shape of the Moto Z 2017. Take a look at the tweets from the @profitkz account embedded below:

Focus your eyes on the first picture, namely Moto Z with Gamepad Mod, there are seen several different design elements from Moto Z (2016). First, you will find an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor design which is different from the usual Moto Z which is in the form of a square box. Second, pay attention to the presence of two LED flash lights on the top right of the screen, which also on the previous Moto Z, it only has one LED flash light. If you are still unsure, the latest rendering from Weibo social media has recently appeared, which is rumored to be the Moto Z 2017.

source: weibo / 摩范 机 友 会
However, Lenovo did not give any information about the presence of this phone. Maybe we should wait a little longer while gathering strong evidence to be more certain about this finding.

Sources: Twitter, Weibo

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