If you’re new to Android customization and just received your OnePlus 5, then you can use this simple index to learn all about your new smartphone.

I try to make my tutorials very simple to follow and doing this means that I break them down into various pieces. So for example, when telling you how to install TWRP, I don’t just say ‘boot into fastboot mode’ and leave it at that. Instead, I create a tutorial to first show you how to boot the OnePlus 5 into Fastboot Mode, and then later reference it when I’m guiding you through installing TWRP as a custom recovery onto the OnePlus 5.

This results in a lot of tutorial that need to be made and that can sometimes be too much for people. So I like to put together these starter guides (I have done these for a lot of devices I write about) so that you can see how these guides are broken up.

This is also helpful when doing things like gaining root access because a lot of the time you need to do certain things before you can root a smartphone. So this gives you an overview of how that process is done.

I’ll be dividing them up into three separate categories with the basic tutorials being things that I tend to reference back to a lot, the root tutorials being the order in which you need to follow tutorials to gain root access, then the miscellaneous tutorials for general OnePlus 5 tips and tricks that you may or may not need root access for.

Basic OnePlus 5 Tutorials

OnePlus 5 Root Tutorials

  1. How to Unlock the Bootloader
  2. How to Install TWRP
  3. How to Gain Root Access
  4. How to Install an OTA Update While Rooted

Miscellaneous OnePlus 5 Tutorials

So as you can see here, I have covered a lot of different things when it comes to the OnePlus 5. I’ll be adding more to this list as time goes by and more mods and features are added to the OnePlus 5. For now, this should be plenty to get you started. As mentioned, some of the guides in the Miscellaneous section require root access but some do not. For example, I show you how some OnePlus 5 feature work (such as Bluetooth Audio Codecs and the new Reading Mode) that are simply built into the OxygenOS software.

I do this because not everyone knows what these features do or how they work. Some don’t even know they are there because they don’t comb through the Settings application to hunt for them. Whatever the reason, I like to explain them to the community and give a demonstration as to how they work since it can be easier for some people to learn visually than from reading. If you have any questions or requests about future tutorials, please do not hesitate to ask.

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