If you are someone who loves graphic designing, then you should know that is one of the famous software for graphic design. It’s free open source software which is often compared with Photoshop and GIMP. Paint allows you to add extra features through plugins. Some essential plugins will help you a lot. is packed with many features and plugins make the experience of using it more amazing. is mostly used on Windows, although you can also use it on other operating systems.

No other graphic designing software support such features of adding plugins. You can add multiple features according to your needs with plugins. There are enormous plugins available on the market but which one is essential?

No need to get confused. Here we will discuss different plugins along with how to install them. The plugins mentioned in the article are the best plugins to install that comes packed with numerous features. Let’s get started.

How to install Plugins

There are two different types of plugins that Paint offers to its users – File Types and effects. As the name suggests, File types provide support for different file types whereas, Effects plugins add new effects, filters and many other such tools.

You can either download the plugins as a direct installer with a .exe file extension and then install it or download it in the form of a compressed zip folder, unzip them and then install them. Whichever way you may select, we have step by step guide for both the methods.

Before you start with the procedure of downloading plugins, make sure that is not running in the background on your system.

Install Plugins with .exe extension

Step 1: Download the file using whichever method that you prefer from the link mentioned below.

As a direct installer – here

Download a zip file to install manually – here

If you do not wish to use the above link or in case it does not work due to any issues, you can simply search for pyrochild plugins. You will find the search results. Just click on the link which is authentic and you will find the required plugin. plugins

Step 2: Click to open the .exe file to install it. Once you double click on the installed file, a wizard will open. The window popped up will display all the plugins that will be added. You can choose whichever Effects plugins and File type plugins you want and then click the Next button. plugins

Step 3: A window will pop open asking you to choose users you wish to install the plugin for. Once selected, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions checkbox and then, click on the install button. plugins

Step 4: In case, some of the plugins whether it be Effect plugin or File type plugin is already installed, then it will display a pop up asking if you would want to install the plugin or feature once again.

There is no need to install those plugins once again. Simply skip those plugins. There may be many such features which are already there, so you may check the box which says apply to all the files and then click on the skip button. plugins

Step 5: Finally click on the Finish button, once the installation is finished. Then launch you will be able to find various new features added to different menus within the software with a plugin logo right next to them.

Install Plugins with .zip extension

Step 1:  Firstly, extract the files within the zip folder. To install the plugins, place the plugins within the Effects or File type folder within according to the type of plugin.

Step 2: Select the plugin you just pasted and right-click to open its properties. In the properties, under the general tab if you find the Unblock button, click on it to start using the plugin. In case no such button appears, then you can skip the step.

Step 3: Then you can simply Launch and start using the plugins.

Must-Have Plugins plugins

There are some essential Plugins that you must have within your software. There is no need to download plugins one by one for each effect or file type. The plugins mentioned below will have collective plugins which will reduce your work of downloading each plugin one by one.

Pyrochild Plugins

Pyrochild Plugins can help to enhance creative flow. It comes packed with a variety of effects such as Gradient Bars, Jitters, film and much more. However, while installing the developer asks for a 6 dollar donation. The Pyrochild plugin comes packed with 20 plugins which also includes Style match plugin.

The Style match plugin helps in editing the photo with an additional photo’s color scheme. To know more, you can visit their website to get detailed information about the plugins they provide. You can find plugins at Softpedia easily.

Simon B’s Plugins

With Simon B’s plugins, you get additional support for brushes, edit layers, GIFs and a lot more of file type plugins.

If you like adding text to your graphics, then let me tell you that Simon B’s plugin comes with an Editable text effect. You can always visit their website to know more about the plugins provided with the plugin.

BoltBait’s Plugin

It is one of the best plugins to have which comes with a pack of 43 plugins. All these 43 plugins are for few. Yes, you can install the BoltBait’s plugin for free. The plugin comes with a rainbow palette, various styles and a lot more.

This plugin comes with a Bevel Object plugin that can be used to produce 3D objects. To know more about the list of plugins provided, you can go to their official site for more information.

Dpy’s Plugins

If you are very creative, then this plugin is just for you. The Dpy’s plugin comes packed with plugins that provide some amazing effects and adjustments.

In case you like to alter the images to B&W and turn bright areas into transparent, then let me tell you that Dpy’s plugin comes with Black and Alpha plus plugin which will help you achieve such effects.

Wanting to make your images look more dramatic, then do visit their official site to know more about the plugins.

MadJik Plugin

MadJik Plugin is a vast collection of 78 plugins that can be used to perform various tasks. You will find that the plugin comes packed with the simplest plugin to complex ones. The developer keeps updating the plugin pack so you will keep getting some amazing plugins.

For more information about the list of plugins, you can visit their official website.

Wrapping up

These plugins can help from the simplest tasks to the complex ones and make your work much easier to do. They can help you achieve much more than expected. However, you can create an image with regular features offered by the software without adding plugins.

Plugins will just provide you with additional features that are not there with just regular software. With plugins, you will be able to add multiple characteristics to your image as per your needs and preferences.

The plugin market is huge. The above-mentioned plugin packs are the best plugins that can help you with your projects.

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