Samsung S3K250AF security chip with CC EAL 5+ certification announced

Samsung Electronics has recently introduced their newest S3K250AR Common Criteria Evaluation Assurace Level (CC EAL) + certified Secure Element (SE) turnkey solution for mobile devices.

Coming packed with CC EAL 5+ certified-hardware, the S3K250AF-based SE combines microcontroller, advanced hardware-level protection and optimized secure OS to allow for top-notch security assurance on mobile devices.

The S3K250AR turnkey solution will be a dedicated tamper-resistant strongbox which securely stores users confidential and cryptographic data.

Samsung S3K250AF security chip with CC EAL 5+ certification announcedAndroid smartphones in itself are secure, to add to this the S3K250AF will provide extra security layer. It will assist in preventing attacks like power glitches, reverse engineering and laser attacks, rendering it even more difficult for hackers to access or copy stored data.

Dongho Shin, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics quoted –

“Strong security measures have become a crucial feature in today’s smart devices as they evolve into essential tools that hold the key to our personal data connected to various services such as the cloud and financial transactions. Samsung has a long and proven history in security solutions such as smart card ICs, IoT processors and other semiconductor products that require robust security. Our new turnkey SE solution for mobile devices will not only keep user data safer on the go but also enable new mobile applications that will broaden and enrich our everyday lives.”


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