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To avoid screen creasing on it’s upcoming foldable, Samsung is reportedly planning to use a new hinge – that’d lessen the stress between folded screens.

More specifically, the new hinge on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would create a waterdrop-style gap between the upper and lower halves of the folded screen, thus avoiding them touching each other when folded.

A Solution to Screen Creasing Issue

Though Samsung is leading the foldable smartphone market, it still have a few areas to work on. And the screen creasing issue resulting from an improper hinge is one among them. All the Samsung foldables (including the recent Galaxy Z Fold 4) are complained of screen creasing due to frequent running of upper and lower halves of the display against each other, when folded.

This has been picking for not just the Samsung, but for other foldables too. Well, to solve this issue, Samsung has come up with a solution – a new hinge to fold the screen by creating a waterdrop-style gap between the upper and lower halves of folded screen.

New Hinge for Galaxy Z Fold 5

This would effectively avoid the folded screens touching each other, thus no damage. Samsung is reportedly planning to use this technology for it’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5, as per Naver. Though Samsung patented this design in 2016, it hasn’t used this till now.

This could be, as per SamMobile, for preserving the IPX8 water resistance of Galaxy foldables. Well, as Samsung got a better hinge now, we shall see the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 having all the necessary features functioning to avoid damages to the screen.

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