Spotify Founder Made a Device to Scan a Human Body in Minutes

After stirring the music industry, Spotify founder Daniel Ek has now come up with a new healthcare company called Neko Healththat offers to scan a human body in minutes.

With the help of AI and over 70 sensors in a cylindrical scanner machine, their device comes at a time when the healthcare costs in Europe are shooting up. Countering this, Neko Health scans a body for $190 – where all it’s initial slots were already sold out!

Neko Health’s Full-Body Scanner

With the aim of helping “people stay healthy through preventive measures and early detection,” Neko Health entered the market with a promising product – a 360° body scanner in a cylindrical shape.

This comes from Spotify founder Daniel Ek, who, along with Hjalmar Nilsonne, has shared their journey on LinkedIn this week. Then, a four-year research and product development created it’s non-invasive full-body scanner that claims to detect the growth of birthmarks, rashes, and age spots.

Further, it can also scan for abnormalities in heart function, blood pressure, and pulse throughout the body, claims Neko Health. With over 70 sensors, the device can collect more than “50 million data points on skin, heart, vessels, respiration, microcirculation, and more.”

All the data collected in this manner is then analyzed by AI – to produce results in minutes for doctors and patients. There’s even an accompanying app to track the analysis of scans. Ek and Hjalmar brought this technology at a crucial time in Sweden and the European Union, where healthcare costs are spiking aggressively.

And with an ultra-competitive price of 2,000 SEK (or around $190 USD), Neko Health is all set to disrupt the healthcare industry, assumed experts.

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