Twitter to Introduce a Tool For Checking if You're Shadowbanned

To let people know if they’re being shadowbanned on the platform, Elon Musk is bringing a new tool to Twitter to notify, specify the reason and let people appeal for being restricted.

While he didn’t specify when these few would roll out, the announcement came shortly after the Twitter Files 2.0 leak, where the former Twitter employees were revealed to have shadowbanned some conservative personalities on Twitter!

A Tool to Note Shadowban on Twitter

Ever since Elon Musk took over, the controversy on and around the platform has risen sharply. And with Musk proclaiming himself as a free speech absolutist, he has been revamping the platform to be more open for all.

In this, he has reinstated some controversial accounts like Donald Trump, Kanye West, etc., and even lowered the content moderation tools – reports say. Though Musk quashed the latter’s claims, it’s obvious that the platform is now going wild.

Well, adding to the top of it, Elon Musk said he’s adding a new tool to Twitter – that will let users know if they’ve been shadowbanned on the platform. To the unknown, shadowban is restricting the visibility of a profile account and it’s related content from reaching others.

This is helpful if the concerned account is said to be spreading spam or controversial content often. Well, in the case of Twitter, the upcoming tool will mention the reason for the shadow-banning account and let users appeal against it.

While Musk didn’t say when this would arrive, his announcement came shortly after the leak of Twitter Files 2.0 by Bari Weiss today. The report revealed that Twitter employees earlier used “Visibility Filtering” against some conservative personalities.

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