What Does Message Blocking Is Active Mean

Even though internet messaging has become a trend nowadays, text messaging is a vital part of daily communication. Nothing is more irritating than viewing a notification under your text message saying “Not Delivered”. If you are wondering what does message blocking is active mean, it refers to the fact that the individual has every text message being blocked by the carrier and is incapable of receiving or sending any text messages. If this is the case, you should be certain that the person whom you are texting has enabled their phone settings to receive or send text messages. When the message blocking feature is active, the recipient cannot receive any messages you are trying to send. On the screen, you might see “Free Message: Unable to Send Message, Blocking Active”. Here we have highlighted some common causes of the error and have provided some possible fixes to resolve it as well.

Possible causes of “message blocking is active” error

Below we have looked into the reasons why the problem has occurred and have listed them as follows:

  • Block List: A key cause of message blocking is because the receiver is in the sender’s block list or vice versa. Both have to make sure that none of them is on the blocklists for text messaging each other. Also ensure that you can call them without any problem.
  • Service outage: This message blocking is active error is triggered mostly because of service outage on the end of the service provider. This service outage may be because of a temporary break or due to maintenance, and the message service could have been paused which is causing the error to be displayed.
  • Short Code issue: This issue is caused by an error with the shortcodes that are sometimes set to block. Mostly T-mobile users face this issue. This problem is technical and can only be corrected by the T-Mobile technicians.
  • Premium message access: The user, in some cases, may have configured their mobile to disallow the receiving or sending of premium SMS messages. This service is used by some messaging applications and should be permitted by them for some functions to work properly.
  • Wrong plan: Sometimes, this error occurs when the messaging service has not been subscribed to the subscription you have subscribed to. For that, contact customer support to check if you have selected the correct plan or not. Even if you see that the messaging services are active in your present plan, you might not have enough balance on your prepaid connection to send the message.

Fixes to the “message blocking is active” error

You can follow the below-mentioned possible solutions to turn off the message blocking feature.

Check the block list:

A primary reason for the error “message blocking is active” is when the receiver or sender blocks the other person. We would recommend you to check the block list of your contacts as well as ask the sender to check his/hers as well. To unblock:

  • From the home screen, enter the messaging application
  • From the top right corner, tap on those three vertical dots to enter the short menu
  • Tap on settings from there
  • Then, navigate to the spam filter and click on the option Remove from spam numbers
  • Finally, tap on Delete and then on Ok

Check the coverage:

This service is available in the location where you reside or where you’re currently located. You need to check whether the signal bars which are usually located at the top right of the screen depending on your mobile is showing that there is coverage and the signal bars are visible. Text messages won’t be sent when you see a low coverage on one bar or have a service outage. The service provider might be repairing the coverage breakdown on their end.

Check the active state of the user’s phone number:

In some cases, your mobile number may be inactive, so you won’t be able to receive or send text messages or make any calls. If you have dual sim in your phone, in some scenarios, you might have placed one sim in an inactive state unintentionally. To check the active status of the phone number, you need to navigate to the device’s settings and check if the status of the sim is displaying “active”. While your mobile number is still porting or is active, here, such a status will become visible.

Check if text messaging services are enabled for the account:

For some reason, your text messaging service might be disabled. To confirm the same, you need to go to Device settings and ensure the “can receive/send text messages” feature is enabled. When you can’t see the edit icon on the top of the messaging section, understand that the number isn’t active. If someone who is sending you a text message gets the error, then this may mean that your text messaging is not enabled.

Check for short code errors:

In some regions, the 3-digit short codes won’t work as they are specific for government or city services. You need to call the shortcode to check if it is connecting and can receive or make calls from the shortcode on the other GSM phone. When the result is “No”, then definitely, the issue is shortcode. If so, troubleshooting is the option.

For international texts, check the country code:

Make sure to enter a valid country code while you text internationally. Otherwise, you may face the issue. You can google the code of any country simply within seconds.

Check for any message restrictions:

A recipient of yours might have restricted messages from a particular group of users. Also some messaging applications may have issues with your carrier. If third party text messaging app are also included, you need to check to see if you can allow these applications manually.

With any sender, check the email-to-text address:

While the sender is trying to contact you by using “email-to-text”, you need to ensure whether the senders have accurately entered your address. It has to be <your phone number containing 10 digits>@tmail.net. This feature, “email-to-text” supports regular text messaging only. So, if someone is trying to send video or picture messages, it won’t arrive through this facility. This feature is not available when roaming internationally.

Remove all non-text items from the message:

Any emojis, attachments, symbols, sounds, signatures, wallpapers, ringtones, videos, or graphics might occasionally restrict your message from delivery. To check if this is a possible cause, try sending a plain text message and check whether it works.

Check if iMessage is interfering:

In some cases, you might have moved your sim card recently from the iPhone to the Android service or any feature phone or Windows. In such a scenario, your number might still be registered as an iMessage number. To turn it off, tap the Messages and then set the iMessage to off.

Some basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Foremost, restart your device
  • To ensure that you are using the cellular network, turn the Wi-Fi off
  • Check to whom you are messaging is on the Spam or Block list of the device
  • Next check the date and time on your device and then enable auto-update
  • Your next job is to uninstall any type of downloaded/3rd party messaging app
  • To ensure whether the SMSC (Short message service center) setting is accurate, you need to contact your carrier and follow their guidance.
  • The Android user needs to clear the app cache of the messaging app. For device care or maintenance, check your device settings
  • SMSC settings: Select Apps and Accessories and then Manage apps
  • App cache: Select email and messaging and then select manage messages
  • The iPhone users need to check whether the text is being sent via iMessage and see iMessage help. If your contact or you have an iPhone and recently switched, then unregister or turn off FaceTime and iMessage. Generally, iPhones continue to send through iMessage until or unless you turn it off.
  • Update the software of your device to the latest version
  • Next, text threads or texts. You will be able to back these up before you are using the apps from your app store
  • You can try to text the same number by using some other device which will determine whether the person who is receiving the message has turned the feature “message blocking active” on.

Wrapping up

Most Android and iOS users have seen the error “message blocking is active” before. This creates tension and headache, particularly when there are some urgent messages to be sent. You may also try some classic techniques such as restarting your phone, switching it off, removing and re-inserting the battery if it is a non removable battery device and starting again. You can switch off your mobile, then remove as well as re-insert the sim card and then start it again. You can remove and re-insert both the sim and battery if possible. To refresh the connectivity of the network, switch it on to Airplane mode and then again switch it off. We hope that the above-mentioned fixes have definitely helped to resolv your message blocking issue. But if not, then it is the best time to contact the manufacturer or your service provider for a solution.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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