Looting In Minecraft

Minecraft comes with many items that can help you collect resources in battles. Looting is one of these handy items- an enchantment that you can add to the swords to increase the chances of item drop and a rare item drop when you kill mobs. The high the looting tier, the more your chances of obtaining rare drops. Here you will learn how to get ahead with looting in Minecraft and using this item to get benefitted.

How to Avail Looting in Minecraft?

You can avail yourself of the looting enchantment in various ways. Below are a few techniques you can use to get looting in Minecraft.

Trading with a Villager

One of the common techniques of Looting in Minecraft is to find a reliable villager, convert them into a librarian, and continue trading with them unless and until you can acquire looting. If the villager does not offer looting, then you can just try this process with any other villager. Even though this technique is a very easy one, it needs a good amount of trading materials like books, papers, emeralds, bookshelves, and more.

Use of Enchantment Table

The use of the Enchantment Table to enchant your book or tool unless and until you get the looting to enchant is one of the most preferred techniques as all that you need for this process is an enchantment table, books, and enough XP. To find looting via enchantment table, all that you need to do is:

  • Go ahead and grab a bunch of Lapis Lazuli and books
  • Enchant 1 book with any enchantment you find in the options via the use of lapis
  • Repeat this process with every book unless you avail looting I or even better

In case you do not have ample books, then you can use the Grindstone followed by disenchanting the enchanted books you do not want in return for a few XP. In addition, you can also follow this same process using your sword. Similarly, you can use many swords or simply let down a single sword right after every enchantment until you avail looting enchant on it.

Looting Chests near Spawners

When you reach the mines or venture into a spawner cave, there is a good chance that you come across some chests fully loaded with good loot. It is important to keep frequently checking to come across such chests.


Even though it sounds a bit odd, you will be successful in coming across an enchanted book with looting. All that you need is a good fishing rod and water. Continue with fishing unless and until you come across looting enchantment. Fortunately for you, the fishing technique yields a good amount of rare items, mostly if you possess your enchanted rod with the luck of the mighty sea.

Now, this process uses the most minimal resources in the survival mode to find some rare items, even though it might prove to be a tedious task. It will help if you take care of the condition of the rod. You might probably wish to use mending on this fishing rod or keep a pair at hand.

From the Creative Mode

In case you are searching for a leisurely playthrough or, say, do not wish to go via the hassle of disenchanting and enchanting, then all you can do is switch to the creative mode followed by grabbing a book that is enchanted with looting. Later, you can use an anvil to apply the enchantment to your sword.

You need to be concerned that possessing looting to enchant your sword will not give you enough XP as it normally does. Moreover, you can equip looting on the swords. Thus, it is important to ensure you have a decent one for using the enchantment.

What are the different Levels of Looting in Minecraft?

In case you are engaged with playing Vanilla Minecraft or, say, making use of mods that have no effect on enchantment items, You will come across 3 looting levels, which are Looting I, Looting II, and Looting III, respectively. It even increases the chances of rare drops. However, it is important to remember that looting is not of much use when you hit your enemy with sweep attacks. Further, it is not useful on mobs like fishes dropping only one item when they die. It also does not boost the amount of wool a sheep drops or, say, the undying totem at the time of killing the evokers.

Equipping looting II and III respectively leads to an increase in item drop by 2 and 3 per level. Now, if you consider the percentage, looting III is likely to increase by about 3 or 5 or even 11.5% based on the mob you are killing.

How can you avail a Looting 1000 sword in Minecraft?

There is actually nothing like looting 1000 in Vanilla Minecraft. But you can avail of looting 1000 swords by the use of the chat or console option. To get yourself a looting sword of your desired level, type this command in the console once you are done activating the cheat codes.

/give @p <item>{Enchantments:[{id:looting,lvl:<number>}]}

For instance, you can offer yourself a netherite sword that has looting 1000 by using the syntax below:

/give @p netherite_sword{Enchantments:[{id:looting,lvl:1000}]}

You can use this same syntax and offer to looting various objects. Just change the item’s name into what you wish to loot in and press enter. The item will be in your inventory. However, do keep in concern that increasing the levels with a lot may end up crashing the game or even result in lag because of a huge amount of loots being dropped by the mobs.

How can you add infinite looting to an object in Minecraft?

As stated earlier, Vanilla Minecraft does not offer looting over Looting level III. But you can adhere to the use of the same syntax as given above to get yourself an object with enough looting enchant. Unfortunately, there is nothing like infinite looting in this game, along with the limit to the level shown in 255. The addition of more levels will come with it’s own effects. Therefore, you can use the syntax to offer yourself any enchanted object with numerous levels.

Say, for example, you can offer yourself a dirt block with a level 100 looting by the use of

/give @p minecraft:dirt{Enchantments:[{id:looting,lvl:100}]}

You will be able to find the ID of the item you are looking for and go ahead by adding the looting or any other enchant to it by applying the code.

In case you cannot use the code, it simply means that you are yet to activate cheats. It is important to activate the cheats before you attempt to use any of the commands.

Getting Looting Book in Minecraft

You can trade either with a fish or a librarian or go ahead enchanting a book with looting to avail of a looting book in Minecraft. You can even switch to the creative mode and offer yourself a looting book.

What does looting do in Minecraft to mobs?

In case you possess looting to enchant a sword, you can use it to kill the mobs to increase drops. Interesting to note that almost all the mobs will offer you loot when you intend to kill them with an increase in drop.

Looting ID in Minecraft

Usually, the ID of any of the given items in the game is quite handy when you use syntax. There are mainly 2 types of IDs for most of the items, namely Item ID, as well as it’s Numerical ID. If it’s ID is just 21 in the Java Edition and 14 in Pocket Edition, then the name for Looting is just Looting.

You can go ahead with the use of the numerical ID rather than the name of an object when you are writing the command. Say, for instance, instead of writing ‘looting’ and ‘item’ in the above syntax, you can think of typing it in the below-mentioned format:

  • /give @p <iron_sword>{Enchantments:[{id:looting,lvl:<1000>}]}
  • /give @p <267>{Enchantments:[{id:21,lvl:<1000>}]}

Summoning Wolf with Looting

If you are engaged with playing Minecraft in Vanilla, you won’t be able to avail the looting perk in case your tamed wolf ends up killing a mob. However, you can offer an object with looting to the fox, which doubles the chance of the mobs being killed by the fox dropping some rare items. That is indeed interesting.

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