Windows 11

Windows 11 is currently available in the insider preview for beta users. There are still many users that already tried the upcoming windows. When you boot the windows for the first time, you will see the bright white theme on the entire operating system.

These days as OEMs are providing AMOLED displays, dark mode is getting users’ attention. It makes the display beautiful and saves some battery.

If you are using Windows 11 then in this article we will show you how to turn on dark mode in the new Windows 11 OS.

How to turn on dark mode in the new Windows 11 OS?

You can change the look and feel of your windows operating system in personalized settings. In personalized settings, there are many options available through which you can change the looks of the OS according to your liking. But remember to change personalized settings you will need an activated version of windows. If you are using an unofficial or inactivated version of the OS then you are out of luck.

Let’s get started.

Click on the start menu and open settings. If you can’t find settings then search it on the search bar.

You can also use the “Win+I” shortcut key to open the settings app directly.

In settings on the left side there is a personalized option, click on it.

Windows 11

Click on themes.

Choose the dark theme to completely change to look of the theme to dark.

Along with the dark theme, there are some other themes as well. You can also choose from those themes to change the look of the OS. The theme will change the colors, background, and taskbar of the OS.

At the bottom of the themes section, there is a browse theme option. This option will take you to the Microsoft store where you can find and download more themes if the default themes are not according to your taste.

There is another way to change the theme color in Windows 11.

In the theme option, you will find a contrasting theme at the bottom. Here you will find more options for the dark theme.

Chose the theme from the drop-down menu in contrast theme and click on apply.

You can also change the colors based on your linking in the personalized section.

In the personalized section choose Colors.

Choose the mode of the color depending on your liking. You can also set the theme to dark mode here by choosing dark from the drop-down menu.

By changing the mode to dark from here you will only be changing the colors and taskbar of the windows. The background wallpaper will remain the same if you enable the dark mode from here.

In the accent color option, you can change the color of a different element of Windows 11.

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