We live in the Artificial Intelligence era; today’s machines are more intelligent and make human lives easier. While everything is turning smart, it is time to say goodbye to caring about door keys. A wireless/keyless smart lock is known for security with convenience, allows you to control access to your home or office through a smart device such as a smartphone.

Today in this article, I will unveil such intelligent machines named “Smart Home Bluetooth Locks.” These smart locks are an essential part of a truly smart home that will allow you to get in or out without caring about keys and codes. You can unlock Smart home Locks from a remote place to ensure your friends or family’s Entry visits in your absence.

If you are new to intelligent Door Locks, let’s have a quick look.

All About Smart wifi & Bluetooth Locks

The Smart Wireless Door Locks idea is to make lives easier with great technology accessible to all. Intelligent locks are gadgets that understand what you need and provide security with convenience. They are featured with smart functions enough to fill your life with ease and comfort.

Today I will explore such five best Wireless Smart locks for keyless security.

Scroll down to know more about the Wireless Smart Locks with detailed features that matter to understand.

WYZE Lock wifi & Bluetooth Compatible Smart Door Lock


Wyze is a well-known technology with the slogan “Making great technology accessible to all.” Since its birth, Wyze has come so far with innovative technology gadgets like WYZE Smart Lock that care about your security and understand what you need. It comes with many smart features to fill lives with ease and comfort.

Features Details

Easy to install

It is super easy to install Wyze Smart lock in just 15 minutes with just a screwdriver as it is compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts. No hardware accessories are required as it uses most of the existing door hardware.

Built-in Door position detection

Wyze Lock is an actual smart lock that locks/unlock remotely and ensures security with its smart features. Unlike other wireless locks on the market, equipped with smart features such as a gyroscope that detects door position. That means Wyze will let you know if your door is left open and won’t lock properly.

Smart Control

Technology has made it easy, you can pass the instruction to Wyze smart lock through mobile phone or voice. You can use Wyze mobile app to control your lock operations such as to lock/unlock the door or for more convenience pass instruction through voice (voice pin required for unlocking).


Wyze lock has endless innovative features, knows when you get home, and automatically unlocks as finding your presence and locks behind you. It promises touchless entry and this means no more juggling with the goods in hands while trying to fix the key.

Simple sharing

Forget about hiding keys around the door for the visitors arriving in your absence. Through Wyze Smart App, it is easy to grant access to anyone to your premises while you are away.

Best Budget Smart Lock:

Surprisingly! You can get this Wyze Lock with so many smart features for under $110. Great features with a low price tag make it the best budget and most competent intelligent door lock available on the market in 2021.



Kwikset 99380-001 Single- Cylinder wifi Smart Lock


The 3 Best Smart Wireless & Keyless Door Lock for touchless Entry

The second on the list is Kwikset 99380-001, an intelligent way to get keyless Entry using your home’s existing wifi network. Smartness goes to its heights with the Kwikset app; you can operate, manage and monitor the lock system through your smartphone.

Using a mobile App, you can lock/unlock, program up to 250 user access codes, and receive notifications about the door activities. It is a two-in-one single-cylinder deadbolt that could be locked or unlocked using the keypad or key from the outside.

Features Details

Powerful Controle through Kwikset App

For a secure smart home, you can control security through your mobile phone that does not require a third-party smart home hub, panel, or subscription. Through the App, you can perform the following actions.

  • Remote Locking/Unlocking
  • View Event history
  • Manage Access Code
  • A one-time user code can only be used once within the next 24 hours.

Create up to 250 custom user codes

It allows you to create 250 custom user codes for your friends and family’s Keyless Entry. Moreover, you can manage these codes through a mobile app that you can add, disable, or delete.

Protected Against Advanced break-in techniques

Single cylinder, stainless steel build equipped with smart features including notifications alerts make it an unbreakable security lock.



Lockly Secure Pro: Amazon Certified & Works with Alexa


Protect you remotely and enjoy peace of mind with Lockly Secure Pro, an Alexa-compatible smart wifi door lock. It comes with Lockly’s patented PIN Genie Technology that provides a unique display every time someone approaches your door. This is to keep your security codes safe from snooping eyes. Double the security and ease with the Lockly Secure App that allows you to lock and unlock your door and create access codes for your family, friends, or tenants when you’re within range.

Features Details

Biometric Keyless Entry

With Lockly Secure Pro, your figure is your key; unlock your door using the built-in advanced 3D fingerprint sensor.

Peek-proof digital keypad

Patented PIN Genie technology makes it nearly impossible to guess your personal access code.

Remote Control with wifi

You can lock/unlock your home or office door with convenience through your iOS or Android smartphone via a secure Bluetooth connection or wifi anywhere in the world.

Stores all-access history

It remembers who is coming or going that you can review from your mobile anytime.

Easy Installation

It takes 15 minutes to install by using essential household tools. It fits both left and right swinging standard doors.




If you want to turn your existing manual door lock with a smart lock, These three best wifi Locks got you cover. These are smart, easy to install with the convenience of remote control and built-in security features. Before writing on Smart wifi Locks, we tested several smart locks available on the market, and these three meet the expectations.

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