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Plex is a media server that permits you to sort out your content into a simple, appealing library that is available from anyplace on the web. But, without plugins, Plex has just a small amount of its accessible features. Hence, we present a rundown of the best Plex plugins that despite everything, work and will superpower your media server.

Most users pick Plex due to its exquisite interface and capacity to deal with enormous libraries of music, films, and shows. Be that as it may, Plex can do significantly more than stream downloaded content. Using Plex plugins, it is anything but difficult to get your preferred web administrations on your TV and cell phones.

A year ago, Plex shutdown the plugin support, however luckily despite everything it still permits you to manually sideload them through WebTools. The main issue currently is, with no app store, how to find good Plex Plugins? All things considered, I’ve come across some Plex plugin myself which let you stream live TV, auto-download captions, and even change the Plex interface. Let’s have a look at them.

7 Best Plex Plugins after Plex shutdown

Plex Plugins



Plex Plugins

Concerning music real-time features on the web, Pandora is one of the most celebrated names in the business. It is additionally an astounding option for streaming radio on Plex.

Even though there are some unofficial Plex plugins accessible in any event, for apps like Spotify or Google music, they expect you to have a membership. Further, setting up the plugin is a problem. Then again, the Pandora Plex plugin is free to use and very simple to install.

You should simply; set up your password with a username of your choice, and once you sign in, you can get to your content arranged by your choice and preferences.

Another advantage of using Pandora is, regardless of whether you explore away from the station view, the music keeps on playing in the background.

You can access all the features that are accessible on Pandora and to add to it, it additionally recommends music dependent on your playlist. Pandora likewise comes up with fast mixes based on your music taste.

With everything taken into account, all the Pandora Plex plugin is something you can’t pass up, on the off chance that you love music.


Plex Plugins

Twitch is exceptionally well known among Gamers. You may have invested a ton of energy streaming on Twitch if you are a gamer. On the off chance that you need to get to your preferred streams on TV, the Twitch Plex plugin is an extraordinary other option. You can peruse the content as they are categorized into different genres and get to top-notch videos using Twitch.

Even though the plugin is supported by Twitch, there are a couple of downsides. One of them is being; you can’t sign in to your twitch account. In any case, a few of us love to watch our preferred players’ streams again and again.

Twitch is a great alternative for such people, and you can do this sitting in the comfort of your living room. A portion of the highlighted streams is from games like Orb and Vader.

Reddit Videos

Reddit is everyone’s go-to for entertainment. What’s magnificent about Reddit is that the site is updated regularly or says very frequently bringing users with new content to watch. Once you start using Reddit, you won’t take a step back from it. It is one of the most loved sites where you can get tons of videos.

The Reddit videos plugin has a very smart interface for your TV where you can watch tons and tons of videos that are streaming on the Reddit site. Nonetheless, the element that will cause you to go insane is the amount of new content that gets updated each day.

If there is a most trending video, you will discover it here first.


Plex Plugins

While Netflix and Prime video offer a lot of content free to its users, Sony came out with Crackle. Crackle incorporates a huge amount of renowned movies just as popular shows we as a whole have come to appreciate throughout the years. The tremendous amount of entertainment will undoubtedly leave you at awe.

Even though the Crackle site says that you have to have an account to use the Crackle plugin, you can get to all the content without creating an account.

You don’t need to configure or do anything, and all the films and TV shows will be arranged into categories according to your preference.

Some of the well-known shows on Crackle are Seinfeld, Rush Hour, the shield, and Robotech.


On the off chance that you are somebody that adores live streams and might want to get to it on your Plex server, IPTV is an incredible plugin for the same.

IPTV gets live streams over the web and makes it available to you straightforwardly on your Plex server. You can get access to live streams in practically all categories, including news, movies, TV shows, and sports.

Plex Export

Plex Export is a convenient plugin when you need to share your media list without giving the people access to the whole Plex server. It delivers an HTML page with all your Plex content. Presently, this HTML doesn’t require any credentials and can be shared with anybody. You do require PHP installed on your Plex Server.


Plex Plugins

When there are various users on your Plex server, it very well may be trying to screen everyone. Even though Plex has an alternate dashboard to watch the various IPs on the server when there are numerous users, it gets testing to follow everyone.

This plugin will show you the data transfer capacity usage of every user, which shows they are right now viewing and their watch times. Like this, if there are any issues it very well may be made sense of effectively using this module.

Wrapping Up

These were few of the Best Plex Plugins that are available for free on the internet. You can find everything in one place and entertain yourself with tons of videos.

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