Steps to Find Saved Wifi Passwords on Mac OS

Adaptive Brightness is an Evolution of Auto Brightness

Your smartphone should know what screen brightness levels you want in certain environments and Adaptive Brightness does exactly this in Android 9 Pie.

App Actions Predict Which Apps You Want Next

Humans are creatures of habit and App Actions is a feature in Android Pie that learns which apps you use (and when) so it can predict what to suggest.
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App Slices Surface Apps into Google Search

Most of us use Google Search to start a web search using Google and now Android P has integrated a new feature called App Slices to enhance its features.
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Digital Wellbeing Highlights Your Online Habits

Apps and games can become additive which causes a negative effect on your Digital Wellbeing, but Google 9 Pie hopes to change this by showing you the data.
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The Good and the Bad of Navigation Gestures

Navigation Gesture has been added to Android Pie in an attempt to make navigating through the OS more intuitive, but many disagree with some of the changes.