App Actions Predict Which Apps You Want Next

Humans are creatures of habit and App Actions is a feature in Android Pie that learns which apps you use (and when) so it can predict what to suggest.
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Adaptive Brightness is an Evolution of Auto Brightness

Your smartphone should know what screen brightness levels you want in certain environments and Adaptive Brightness does exactly this in Android 9 Pie.
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Adaptive Battery Can Extend Battery Life

Low battery warnings these days can cause unneeded stress and Android 9 Pie increases overall battery life thanks to the Adaptive Battery feature.

How to Quickly Switch Apps with Navigation Gestures in Android P

With the new navigation gestures in Android P many people were left wondering if Google was going to replace the previous fast app switcher shortcut from before. Thankfully though,...

How to Enable the New Navigation Gestures on Android P

With the first full beta update of Android P Google has announced a new navigation bar feature that replaces the traditional buttons with gestures. This feature is disabled by...