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Here are a number of Android tips and tricks for things that simply are not tied down to just one specific smartphone or tablet.

download files folders with adb pull

How to Download Files to the Computer with ADB Pull

There are multiple ways to copy files to and from your Android smartphone or tablet. Most will simply use the standardized USB MTP Transfer Mode but you may not...
Hide Navigation Bar

How to Hide the Android Navigation Bar?

The release of Android 9 Pie included the first alternative to the traditional Navigation Bar from Google. Not everyone has been happy with it and there will be another...
Up to Date Android OEM ADB USB Drivers

Up to Date Android OEM ADB USB Drivers

Out of the box, you can connect an Android smartphone to a PC and you can do basic tasks. Most devices default to "Charging" mode when it's connected to...

How to Capture a Screenshot on Android with ADB

You can follow these steps to take a screenshot on an Android device with ADB, instead of using the hardware button shortcut.

How to Disable and Uninstall Samsung’s Bixby Assistant?

Samsung announced it would launch Bixby, its digital personal assistant, with the Galaxy S8 series. Many features were brought over from S Voice and the company has added many...
How to Stop Samsung Devices from Sending Data to Qihoo 360 Servers?

How to Stop Samsung Devices from Sending Data to Qihoo 360 Servers?

I knew this was going to be a hot-button issue when it was published on /r/Android but I wanted to wait a bit. Now, there is more information available...
image showing the fastboot command

Fixing the TWRP LineageOS OTA Update Modem Version Error

The other day I tried updating my OnePlus 5T to the latest version of LineageOS 16 but it resulted in an error. The built-in updater downloaded the latest LOS16...
android screen timeout setting

How to Customize Android’s Screen Timeout Setting?

By default, Android includes a handful of times that you are able to choose for its screen timeout feature. These options tend to be rather limited and are usually...
How to check if you are on Parition Slot A or B

How to Check if You’re on Partition Slot A or Slot B?

With the introduction of Android 8.0, Google included a new partition system for the operating system. Instead of having one set of partitions for the OS, the OEM could implement 2....
How to change the current active partition slot

How to Change the Current Active Partition Slot?

Some of my more recent tutorials have centered around Android's Seamless System Update feature. This feature requires the smartphone or tablet to have dual partition slots (slot A and slot B)...