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Here are a number of Android tips and tricks for things that simply are not tied down to just one specific smartphone or tablet.

WhatsApp for windows

Meta launches new WhatsApp app for Windows

Meta launched a new WhatsApp app for Windows users. Users can download the new app from the Microsoft store. This new app offers a new user interface, better audio and video...
Elden Ring Black Screen

How To Fix: Elden Ring’s Startup Black Screen

ARPG Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, was released on February 25 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S. Elden Ring doesn't run as smoothly as...
Snapchat Instagram Crashing iPhone 11 Series

Fix Snapchat Instagram Crashing iPhone 11 Series

Snapchat and Instagram are leading social networking services with countless users. People use both social networking services to share a glimpse of their daily routine with their friends, followers and family...
Android CPU

How to underclock CPU and GPU on Android?

If you have ever noticed that your Android smartphone is overheating while using a simple application or while playing a casual game then this is likely due to the CPU or...
Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft announces Copilot an AI-based assistant for its Office suite

The Microsoft 365 office suites now includes an AI-based assistant called Copilot, which was announced today at the Future of Work event. Users can use Copilot to create documents in Word,...
Instagram Filter Not showing

Instagram Filters Not Working — Showing This Effect Is Not Available In Your Location...

Instagram is a very popular social networking site where users post videos and photographs with their followers. This is one of the world's most popular social networking applications introduced in 2010...
Enter EDL Mode On Any Xiaomi Smartphone Qualcomm

5 Methods To Enter EDL Mode On Any Xiaomi Smartphone Qualcomm

Android smartphones offer several ways to customize the devices according to user's requirements. The customization options include TWRP, custom ROM flashing, GSI images and more. If you are a tech enthusiast...
Halo infinite multiplayer not loading error

How To Fix Halo Infinite Multiplayer Not Working | Won’t Load

Halo Infinite is one of the great and most popular free-to-play multiplayer online battle games available on Windows and Xbox consoles. Though the game has amazing gaming elements, some players complain...
Fortnite Rules

What are Fortnite Rules 12, 13, 23, 32, 33, 34, 64

Fortnite has added new rules to the game during the new season, and it's important for players to adhere to these new set of rules. Fortnite is one of the most...
Lost ARK Won't Launch

How to Fix Lost ARK Won’t Launch Issue

Lost Ark is a free game that combines the best of ARPG combat and MMO depth to create a vast and dynamic world with thrilling battles. It is co-developed by Tripod...