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Here in the HowTo category you”ll find solutions here for faulty electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

Google Chrome sleeping tab option

How to enable and disable the Google Chrome Sleeping Tab option?

Google Chrome sleeping tab option will allow your chrome browser to remove unwanted tabs from memory. Google Chrome is famously known as a resource-hungry browser. It takes up a lot of...
How to Drag and Drop Screenshots in iOS 15

iOS 15: How to Drag and Drop Screenshots

Apple has introduced numerous new features in iOS 15. The highlighted features of iOS 15 are Focus and Notification Summary, which can silence the constant stream of new notifications. Another great...
Install Google Play Store on your Huawei Harmony

How to Install Google Play Store on Any Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 device

In these current pandemic times, having a smartphone has become a necessity in everyone’s life. One of the supreme benefits of possessing a  smartphone is that by downloading plentiful apps, one...
Record Phone Calls On Your iPhone

How To Record Phone Calls On An iPhone

One may need to record phone calls on their mobile phone for a variety of reasons. On Apple iPhones, there is no default feature to record calls. Even the screen-recording utility...
How To Change The Keyboard In Android

How To Change The Keyboard On Android

Be it your android default Gboard or any other third-party keyboard application your phone has, you must know how to change the keyboard as and when it needs. Keyboards not only vary...
Auto Call Recorder

How To Record Calls On Android

Android was first launched in the year 2008 that marked the birth of a great operating system which, later on, became a part of a major amount of people all over...
Spotlight search feature in iOS 15

iOS 15: How to Use Spotlight to Search for Photos

The latest updates always bring new advancements and features that are specifically developed to improve user’s daily experience. iOS devices have many features that are unexplored by users,  and one of...

How to delete the last fifteen minutes of Google Search history on iPhone?

Google just announced a new feature that will let users delete the last 15 minutes of their search history on iPhone. It will allow users to have some control over their...
Correct Errors in the Photos People Album

How to Correct Errors in the Photos People Album

Images in the camera roll have many changes; many Apple users may be unfamiliar with the people album, where a user’s contacts are automatically identified through facial recognition. Though this is...
Scan a QR code on android

How to scan a QR code on Android

Today’s era is all based on digital marketing. And the bar code is a great evolution of this era to directly connect yourself with your customers, use marketing strategy, connect product...