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Whether you have never touched an Android device before or you’re a veteran and are curious about a particular topic. The Android 101 program can help you to learn the mobile operating system from the ground up. It can also help you dive deep into the more complex aspects of the platform as well.


By default, this section shows the latest posts first. This means the first articles you see on this page are the more complex one. If you are a complete beginner (or simply want to brush up on your skills), then click the link below to change the order and show the first Android 101 guides first.

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HTC 10: How to Wipe the Cache Partition

Apps and games can sometimes force close if there's something wrong with the cached data, so today I'm going to show you how to Wipe the Cache Partition.

Galaxy S7: How to Wipe the Cache Partition

Sometimes cached app data can cause issues on Android so today I'm going to show you how to wipe the cache partition on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.
Android 12

How to Downgrade Google Pixel Devices Back to Android 12 with Android Flash Tool?

After the release of the Android 13 stable update, discussions of downgrading back to Android 12 began to surface. It is true that downgrading the Google Pixel 6 series is not...
how to check voicemail on Galaxy S10

What is Google Discover?

The goal of Google is to keep you using its services as much as possible. In some parts of the world that means they just want to keep you...
OnePlus 7 Root

What is Magisk?

There are a number of consumer products on the market that have computers in them. They run an operating system but it's set up in a way that limits...

What is AOSP?

You may have come across the letters AOSP as you have read through Android news articles, browsing XDA's custom ROM threads, or are just doing research into the mobile...
What is Google Stadia Explained

What is Google Stadia?

We've seen many rumors about Google wanting to get into the video game market. Outside of the company, no one knew what their plan was. This week though, the company has...

What is an OEM ROM, AKA an OEM Skin?

Some would compare Android to Windows and how multiple companies sell devices running the same OS. However, the version of Android on your Samsung device will look different than...
download image chrome feature

How to Save an Image or Photograph?

Sharing photos online continues to grow in popularity and it's the entire basis for many websites out there. There are also people who only go online to use these types of...
Android Cache Partition Explained

What is the Cache Partition? And How Does it Work?

A well-known troubleshooting suggestion within the Android community is to wipe the device's cache partition. This is recommended to fix all sorts of random issues that people experience (especially...