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Whether you have never touched an Android device before or you’re a veteran and are curious about a particular topic. The Android 101 program can help you to learn the mobile operating system from the ground up. It can also help you dive deep into the more complex aspects of the platform as well.


By default, this section shows the latest posts first. This means the first articles you see on this page are the more complex one. If you are a complete beginner (or simply want to brush up on your skills), then click the link below to change the order and show the first Android 101 guides first.

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Deep Press Explained

What is Deep Press?

There are a number of ways to interact with UI elements on an Android device. The most common ones are tapping, swiping and long pressing but some smartphones have...
Scoped Storage Explained

What is Scoped Storage?

Securing data as well as your privacy seems to be a theme with the upcoming release (as of writing this) of Android 10. Restricting your location data is one...
download image chrome feature

How to Save an Image or Photograph?

Sharing photos online continues to grow in popularity and it's the entire basis for many websites out there. There are also people who only go online to use these types of...
Android Cache Partition Explained

What is the Cache Partition? And How Does it Work?

A well-known troubleshooting suggestion within the Android community is to wipe the device's cache partition. This is recommended to fix all sorts of random issues that people experience (especially...
What are App Shortcuts

What are App Shortcuts?

Over the last few years, major Android updates have focused on hardened security and improving the overall user experience. Android 7 Nougat went public in August of 2016 and...
What is a Custom Launcher

What is a Custom Launcher?

Android is unique to almost every other mobile operating system in how much of it is customizable by the user. One way the user can change up the software...
What is the Android Navigation Bar

What is the Android Navigation Bar?

Many things people learn while using iOS can be transferred instantly when you move over to an Android device. The Navigation Bar, though, is something that iOS (and people...
What is the Status Bar

What is the Status Bar?

The Status Bar of Android is used for a number of different things but its main goal is to convey some information to you. The user experience is best...
What is a Custom Launcher

What is the Android App Drawer?

Android's Application Drawer, which is also known as the App Drawer, is actually a very small feature. The feature itself isn't anything spectacular or out of this world. However,...

What is an Android Home Screen?

I realize there's going to be a lot of people who already know what a Home Screen is. Even if you are coming from iOS then you likely already...