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Google Search

How to enable dark mode in Google Search?

Google search for desktop just got the dark mode feature. The dark mode is fun and it gives a nice crisp look to your apps especially if you have an AMOLED...

Gmail is getting a calling option with the latest update

With the latest update, Gmail is getting the calling option. Users can make and receive calls within Gmail in one-on-one chats. As Google office suite is now called Google Workspace which is...
Windows 11

Windows 11 will launch on October 5th Microsoft confirms

Windows 11 will launch officially on October 5th confirms Microsoft. The new Windows will be offered as a free update to the supported devices just like Windows 10. The upcoming devices with...
Delete Google Photos Permanently

How to Delete Google Photos Permanently

If you have too many photos on your Google Photos, then delete some of them for good. This way, you can get rid of your unwanted pictures and videos and free...
Windows 11

Windows 11: How to turn on dark mode in Windows 11?

Windows 11 is currently available in the insider preview for beta users. There are still many users that already tried the upcoming windows. When you boot the windows for the first...
Chrome Remote Desktop

How to control your PC remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome remote desktop is a free chrome extension that will allow you to remotely control your computer/laptop. With this extension, you can also connect and control someone else computer remotely. Similarly,’ someone...
Use Google Assistant on PC

How to Use Google Assistant on Windows, macOS, and Linux

Google Assistant is the most popular and most used voice assistant in the world. However, it is available on a wide range of products like smartphones, smart speakers, smart screens, and...
Move PS5 screenshots

How To Move PS5 Screenshots To Your PC Or Phone

PS5 brings a lot of new advancements, and it can quite be difficult to understand them if you are new to the technicalities. Capturing important game moments is made very simple...
Google Chrome sleeping tab option

How to enable and disable the Google Chrome Sleeping Tab option?

Google Chrome sleeping tab option will allow your chrome browser to remove unwanted tabs from memory. Google Chrome is famously known as a resource-hungry browser. It takes up a lot of...
Microsoft Edge

Report Suggest Microsoft Edge Might take lead over Apple’s Safari web browser

Microsoft Edge will soon take lead over Apple’s Safari as the second most used web browser globally. On the other hand, Google will lead the market as the number one web...