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Galaxy S6 Tutorials

Full device tutorials for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6: How to Install a Custom Kernel

If you have ever wanted to install a custom kernel onto your Galaxy S6 then today's tutorial is just what you have been looking for.

Galaxy S6: How to Install Xposed

There has finally been an unofficial port of Xposed released for the Galaxy S6 and today I want to show you how to install it on your Samsung device.

Galaxy S6: How to Factory Reset

A reset is a great way to obtain a clean slate on our smartphones so today I'm going to walk you through the Galaxy S6 factory reset tutorial.

Galaxy S6: How to Install a Custom Recovery

Stock recovery is nice but a custom one is even better. Today's tutorial will show us how to install a custom recovery onto our Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6: How to Create a Nandroid Backup

Now that TWRP has been released for Samsung's latest smartphone, it's time to show everyone how to create a Nandroid backup on the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6: How to Restore a Nandroid Backup

If we ever make a mistake, being able to restore from a backup will save us so let's take a look at how to restore a Galaxy S6 Nandroid...

Galaxy S6: How to Delete a Nandroid Backup

You can only create so many Nandroid backups before you run out of storage so lets talk about how you can delete those Galaxy S6 backups.

Galaxy S6: How to Root

As of right now, you can use this Galaxy S6 root tutorial to gain root access on the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge as well...

Galaxy S6: Pie Controls

Not everyone likes hardware buttons and not everyone likes software buttons on the screen. So let's see how we can enable pie controls on the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6: How to Disable the Capacitive Buttons

Not everyone likes that Samsung uses hardware buttons on their phones so let's talk about how we can disable these buttons on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.